ERBL’s Top 10: The Best Of the Worst Hate Group on the Internet

Rules of Engagement

The Rise and Fall – and Fall – of the Tittler Regime:

1. ERBL’s Activities for 2013

2. ERBL: Hate Speech and Race Baiting

3. ERBL: Incitement and Aryans

4. ERBL: Valentine for Tittler

5. ERBL: How To Run A Hate Group

Fantasy Meets Reality:

6. ERBL’s Bad June

The Daft Careers of Tittler’s Minions:

7. Seduction of Tamara Ward Johnson

8. Tamara Ward Johnson’s Indian Bounty

9. The Egregious Dayleen Van Ryswyck

Downfall: The Final Collapse of the Thug Reich:

Obligatory Downfall Video

10. ERBL’s Bad Fall

What to do about Tittler

i. Do not engage: you’ll only give her fuel for her fire

ii. Capture evidence

iii. Report hate speech

iv. Sign The Petition

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