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Incitement And Aryans

END RACE BASED LAW makes a great showing in public of its anti-racist message; its “wanting to help” the First Nations.  As we will see in the following, the facts about ERBL brings out a very different view of its mission.

This set of blogs was originally supposed to be a set of five, but has been reduced to a set of four by the recent news that the family of one of the principals of ERBL has completely dissociated themselves from her views and behaviour.  Not unexpectedly, she has responded to her family’s attempt to extricate their good name from the hate campaign by building yet another site which slanders and libels her family.

Consequently the order of the blogs will be “ERBL’s Activities“; “Hate Speech and Race-baiting“; “Incitement And Aryans”; and “Mickey and Gerry

At some point in reading this, you might want to do something – right now!

Here it is: Shut ERBL Down!

For the past several years, ERBL has been trawling Canadian social media, especially sites like SunTV, the CBC, and a variety of political discussion groups. The anodyne name, “End Race Based Law”, seems harmless enough – and the initial messaging is quite harmless – and addresses the concerns of the other person, usually a conservatively minded person: in this case “Put Canadian TV First” – a group dedicated to putting the unpopular SunTV on basic cable – in the interests of patriotism and public funding for free market ideology.  As we can see, an attractive picture adds to the sales pitch: young males predominate at ERBL – and there is much talk of those “million dollar legs”. All very approachable

0000ally - mt outreach 

This approach has given ERBL great success.  In this cases, they’ve attracted Dayleen Van Ryswyk, a rejected ejected NDP provincial candidate.  Dayleen seems to feel that demonstrating an appalling lack of knowledge about Canadian history and the Canadian constitutional arrangements, makes her a perfect candidate for, um, ‘taking it to the next level!”.  Dayleen is – interestingly- a koi farmer.

000Ally Van Rysvek

Lack of basic knowledge, however, doesn’t stand in Dayleen’s way; when she has the simple rhetorical tool of derogation to use.  In this case, the argument is that First Nations people “need constant supervision, not unlike a teenager or toddler”. The great thing about End Race Based Law is that her racist assertion will not be challenged; and if it is challenged, the challenger will be howled down and probably banned from the page. If you’re interested in that process, please check our previous article: “Hate Speech and Race-Baiting”

00ally Van Ryswyk 2

It’s wonderful to find a place in the world where you can let your most unconsidered thought fly free, safe in the knowledge that you will be applauded and celebrated for your insight.  Here, a prime piece of the mundane “kitchen table” racism that will likely ensure that yet another generation of children will grow up with ignorant prejudices about First Nations people.

01ally daven dumbdowne

It’s amazing how you can let your private dreams of being a great rhetorician fly. Here we have a wonderful use of the most grounding hyperbole possible – the calloused hand of the workin’ joe – and the famously soft and unworked hands of Canada’s First Nations, living in luxury – and yet in squalor.  “Poor things”!

01ally janke kitch

It’s enough to make you bust a nut!  Or give Chief Spence “a slap upside the head”; and don’t worry about handling that Pamela Palmater: this ERBL member is more than a match for her tricky PhD facts!

02ally Hen incite

The rhetoric can burble on for days and days, safe from critical thought; certainly safe from the possibility of being hampered by anything so inconvenient as facts: “How long do WE have to pay”; “responsibilities of being a citizen of this great country”!  End Race Based Law should get a conservation grant as a free-range refuge for hyperbole.

03ally new scott kitch

But trouble arrives too soon: ignorant bloviation and ahistorical insight soon reaches its nadir in the next example.  Here, a follower manages to tick off the Hate Speech boxes of dehumanization; historical falsification; and, um, genocide.

03bally new roth genocide

But happily, such views are rarely – if ever – challenged.  Followers like the current favourite “Lucky King” are given free vent to channel their most ignorant views about First Nations people; and the most nasty intimations of Race War:

03cally king incitment

The most ahistorical mythologies can be thrown into the conversation – and not be denied.  Joseph Smith must be understandably proud to have his confusion about the Missouri mounds of Cahokia thrust into a new millennium; and the bestial description of First Nations marks a careful student of the Golden Book delivered by the angel Moroni.

04ally ram 1

Ramstein typifies the typical ERBL fanboi. He’s obviously a little taken with her intelligence, her vivacity – and her “Million Dollar Legs”.  Mick obliges: she’s got dance videos available on Youtube so they can enjoy her terpsachordian art.  (I will not link to her terpsachordian art: I’ve got a dancer among my exes – and as strained as our relationship may be – some actions are simply dishonourable.)

05ally ram 2

Charlie Tofawders is a stalwart of End Race Based Law – and has joined their campaigns across the interwebs.  Here Charlie complains about the “dumbing down of north american ideals” .  Because Indians.

07ally tofaw dumb

But sometimes, Charlie manages to rouse himself into an analytical state. Here he has the interesting thought that there might be two sides to every issue; that perhaps some middle road could be found.

Watch carefully as his leash is yanked…

08ally twofawd peace

Another of the stalwarts of End Race Based Law: Mickey’s ex-husband; possible father of a child she gave up for adoption years ago; and current business partner. In Mickey’s words: “a brainiac”.  Below – at the bottom of the page – an example of one of MT’s “aboriginal cyber-bully gang”.  Melissa suggests that SunTV might be a poor choice for objective news – in that patented visciously hateful bullying Aboriginal tone.

10ally gerry - outreach

Gerry’s a good looking fellow, which is a lucky thing since his picture – the only one which seems to exist in all of the interwebs – appears everywhere once you start looking for it.  Which is why we will be addressing a whole article to just himself and Mickey.  We’ve found a great deal about him: he’s a very interesting man.


Here we find the happy gang all together in one of their favourite instruments: a closed group where they can strategize and chat without the public lending an ear.

Please note the Scottish Scott as well as the always fashionable Claire Voyant.

We’ll be meeting them again.

16ally ERBLincites

Here we see how the shell game works: the same principals; a completely different group – “Idle No More Resistance”.  Postings, pictures and ideology can be recycled endlessly through these groups: members are unaware of the larger plan – and the part they are playing in it.  West Coasters might think of these as “Crab Traps”; East Coasters, “Lobster Pots”; and I can’t think of an analogy for the Prairies and North.

It’s almost as if Gerry was a student of political science and had studied the classical tricks of the Marxist-Leninists: multiple shell organizations with unified leadership; wide-ranging discussions along with strict attention to ideological orthodoxy.

Gerry seems to have a genius for conspiratorial organization!
It’s unfortunate that gift does not extend to his personal life.
“The cobbler’s children wear no shoes” – how true!
I guess that’s why they call it a truism!

16iinmr-MAYBE members

Within the group, the burble goes on: anger; calls for violence; “parasites”; “like feeding a stray animal”!  On any given day, you can tick off almost every box in the Hate Speech And Incitement To Violence list.  But never mind, our federal government has wisely taken that proviso out of the Human Rights Act.  Gone are the days when we were made to feel ashamed and hide our public calls for genocide behind closed doors!

13ally inmr

Here’s a fun group: APTNFU. The owner is Rainblow Buttmonkey, who will serve as a hinge for the analysis.  Rainblow is awfully shy; doesn’t appear in public much; but can usually be spotted only because he travels a lot with his associate – the red-bearded gentleman.

You’ll notice that we find yet another MT – they breed like rabbits – along with two folks we’ll just pass over very quickly: one can only spend the shortest of times staring into the abyss.

Next, the “Million Dollar Legs” version of Mickey, along with a – uh – Sun TV reporter(?)

It’s obvious our intrepid reporter has merely wandered into the wrong room: nothing to see here, folks!


It’s obvious our red-bearded friend has a hard time becoming comfortable with any particular style of facial hair – but has established quite a comfortable relationship with yet another avatar: Mick’s “Canada-branded” version.

We used to worry about her mental state – so many multiplying personalities! – until we worked out what all those Mickeys could do together.  Here, our non-red-bearded friend gives Mick an interesting lesson on an archaic – and seriously discredited – theory of race.  Mickey doesn’t bat an eye.

“modern Iranians are mixed bloods”:  I guess that’s why they’re not called “Aryanians”
This is an important distinction to our ginger-coiffed friend – as we shall soon see.

17ally IssMAT

Here is End Race Based Law its best: ” relevant information”; “progressive conversation.”

But no debate. Especially about “Race Based Issues”.

“I’m am sure the Indians feel sometimes its unfair treatment also”.

Nope, no debate.

(I suspect that ERBL will require a further corollary of Poe’s Law)


I’m thinking that our wandering friend looks better without his beard.  Here, he lays down the ground rules for civil discourse, while Mickey gets excited about the subject at hand: the continuing oppression of people of the dominant culture by the First Nations, the Police, the Supreme Courts, the Government, and the United Nations.

Occupy The Reserves!

(sorry, i was having a moment…)


Mickey is having a fine time of it: with Gerry’s help, she has extended her reach into group after group – and drawn the creme de la creme into her private discussion groups. Like a true leader, she surveys the burgeoning population of the groups she’s influencing; giving advice; thinking strategically; and giving counsell.  Here she gives some sage advice to one such group – the aptly named APTNFU – on how to attract “the girls” to the sausage fest.  As you might remember, the group leader is Rainblow Buttmonkey:

14APTNFU from MT1

Unfortunately, the administrator of this particular group, our old friend Mr. Buttmonkey, is true to his buttmonkey nature – and rejects Mickey’s sage advice; and her tone.  In fact, he’s got a bone – or two – or three – to pick with Mic; and the civil ideologically regimented discourse dissolves.
Mickey throws the greatest denunciation she has in her crowded armory: “you’re the same low life brain drunk abuser they are”: somehow, despite the discord, the reference will be understood.

That’s the great thing about regimented ideologies: they keep everyone on the same page.  Ask Mao: he’ll tell you.

15APTNFU from MT2

So sure, it looks like Mr. Buttmonkey might be a little bit of a misogynist. Certainly “Crazy BatShit Lady” isn’t the kind of language that a gentleman would use.

But those were stressful times: so many round dances and drum circles to denounce; so many expressions of cultural solidarity to whip up fear over! Luckily, as Mickey will later tell us, our leaders like to find their places of peace.

A lovely sunset; the sylvan glade; the immortal words “Arbeit Macht Frei” – “Work Will Make You Free”!  But wait – those words sound so familiar: where, I wonder, could they have come from?  Some old song?

But no.  They don’t come from an old song.  They’re from the main gate of Auschwitz: a somewhat sinister moment of nostalgia in Jody’s personal album.  Suddenly, Jody’s concern for careful exposition on the sources of the Aryan race begins to make sense,

18ally Issel arbeit

Too much sense.

Now, it’s important at this point in the show to explain that the international coven – or church – or whatever – of the Aryan Nation has made it clear that our red-bearded friend is not now and never will be a member of the Aryan Nation; that there is no “Saskatchewan Aryan Nations”; and that they have never been approached about the possibility of an official Aryan Nations in Saskatchewan (like most Aryans, they’re *quite* territorial)

And they don’t really care what that Buttmonkey fella’ says about it.

Jesus, up til a few minutes ago, they didn’t even know how to spell Saskathechewan!

18ally issel ary

And remember the always well-dressed Clair Voyant?  She’s a peripatetic one: always looking for new fields to conquer.

In this case, the Canadian Defence League – proud Canadians (who can spell Saskatchewan) – who are proudly and loudly protecting Saskatchewan against…

18ally isserl arb


18ally Isserl aryc

The Canadian Defence League wants you to know that they are completely not a racist organization in any way.  They are glad to welcome people of all ethnicities – Hindus; Jew; Europeans; even mixed-blood Iranians! – to the important service of belittling, othering, slandering, and otherwise hate-speeching people based on their religion.

They even have a Division in Saskatchewan!

18Ally Issel arz

Hi Jody!  We thought we’d lost you!  And thanks for putting that “Canadian Defence League: Saskatchewan Division” banner up on your Facebook!  Is Mr. Buttmonkey there with you? You betcha! With practically the whole famn damily!

You know what buddy? It’s just like the hockey coaches used to say.

If you hang around the B teams long enough; well, sometime you’re going to get picked up by an A franchise!  You betcha!

18ally Isserl arya

And Mickey too has moved on to greater things.

After being crushingly rejected in her attempts to make common cause with the very respectable, generous, and helpful Online Hate Prevention Institute – based in Australia – Mickey did what any respectable Anti-Racist Campaigner would do: she squatted on the organization’s name; and made common cause with an Australian woman who was also cyber-squatting yet other organizations in Australia; slandering and threatening in much the same manner as ERBL habitually does.

[Placeholder for a document so slanderous, that we won’t print it]

The Online Hate Prevention institute has written a very good account of their perspective on the whole mess in “Hate Speech in Canada“; detailing Mickey’s contentions with her opponents on OHPI’s long-suffering site.

Still, it’s nice to see that there’s still  some interest in Hate Speech in the world since it doesn’t seem to be of much interest here in Canada, now that Section 13 has gone away.

At this point, we’ve seen a great deal of End Race Based Law’s activities in the past year: its activities; its almost supernatural ability to generate hate speech and race-bait those who might think they’ll get a decent hearing from the ERBL crew; and the amazing way an “anti-racist” group can find itself in bed with racists of the most virulent kind.

In our next account, we’ll be looking at the relationship between Gerry and Mickey; and the motivation behind their amazingly effective hate campaign. It’s going to be great!  Because we’ve – in the past year – received so much stuff that Mickey thought would never get into the public realm.  And our diggers have been digging through court records and town halls from Vancouver to The Pas, Manitoba.  We’ve been saving it up; and now can offer it to you! It’s a wonder what a hundred motivated people can do!

Here’s a teaser: a direct communication from CBSL.

19warning to Aptnfu

and it get’s worse…

20warning to APTNFU2

Thanks to everyone who have contended with ERBL this past year, as well as capturing the massive volumes of hate speech which ERBL produces – then went through their hard-drives to find these examples of ERBL’s hateful, genocidal discourse and wacky connections.  For each comment displayed, there are literally dozens which didn’t make the cut, for one reason or another.

Many have been involved in preparing this document; and hopefully it will have some positive effect on public officials once they see the real face of End Race Based Law – and the future of Hate Speech in Canada.  We’re very lucky to have a Minister of Justice who is dead set against bullying – and I’m sure will be all over ERBL once he becomes aware of this organization’s hateful influence on Canadian discourse.

If you haven’t signed yet, please sign our petition at:
Shut ERBL Down Petition

Next up:  End Race Based Law: Mickey and Gerry                                                          Marketing Justice; Delivering Hate.