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Hate Speech has been defined in many different ways:

In Canada, it’s generally defined as language “intended or likely to circulate extreme feelings of opprobrium and enmity against a racialor religious group”.

After the genocide in Rwanda, experts in the field have decided to expand the definitions based on the experience in Rwanda, in Kosovo,and in South Sudan. Added to the list is:

Dehumanization – portrayal of the group as subhuman or parasites, or “other”; a common trope in encitement to genocide.
Exclusionary – dividing society into an “us” and a “them”: excluding a group of people from the larger society.
Pseudo-scientific Racialism – ascribing “less-evolved”characteristics to a particular group.
Delegitimizing – treating group rights. history and concerns as trivial.
Denial – denial of known historical crimes against the group
Incitement – expressing or encouraging the expression of the need for violence against the group

As you will see in this sampling of ERBL’s ideas, the group easily meets all the definitions of hate speech.
So much so, that we will be dedicating a whole separate articles to cases of incitement and the dodgy allies who use it regularly  – and are allowed to use it – on the ERBL page.

END RACE BASED LAW makes a great showing in public of its anti-racist message; its “wanting to help” the First Nations.  As we will see in the following, the facts about ERBL brings out a very different view of its mission.

This set of blogs was originally supposed to be a set of five, but has been reduced to a set of four by the recent news that the family of one of the principals of ERBL has completely dissociated themselves from her views and behaviour.  Not unexpectedly, she has responded to her family’s attempt to extricate their good name from the hate campaign by building yet another site which slanders and libels her family.

Consequently the order of the blogs will be “ERBL’s Activities“; “Hate Speech and Race-baiting“; “Incitement And Aryans“; and “Valentine for Tittler

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Given the wealth of examples: it’s surprising that Facebook seems to have never approved any reports of ERBL as a Hate Page.

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ERBL’s Hate Speech: surprising ideas to find on an “Anti–Racist” page.

Pseudoscience and Pseudohistory:

“It’s a fact”: End Race Based Law has an ideological system which is monolithic and can not be questioned.Image

End Race Based Law regularly will “cherry-pick” old and outdated information relating to the theory of 10,000 year old Beringian migration – despite the fact that it has been established that the Bering Strait was impassable – under a mile of ice – at the time when human remains first appear on the paleo-archaeological record in the Americas – long before the supposed migration

That fact aside, it has also been firmly established that “Europeans” hadn’t migrated to Europe at that same time: their ancestors were at that time living in Asia and Africa because of the same glaciation. The most recent discovery has been of a blue eyed, dark skinned individual – straight out of Africa – in Spain who lived there only 7,000 years ago; who has been genetically identified as an ancestor of the Northern Europeans.  The fact that First Nations in this hemisphere pre-date the appearance of Europeans in Europe seems to have escaped the ideologically challenged.


Much of the misinformation regarding this European precedence in the Americas come from the historical mis-attribution of the ancient cities of the Tennessee, Missouri and Mississippi watersheds as the product of a “Lost Tribe of Israel” who were then wiped out by a devilish” Race of Ham”- an obviously racist confusion which has been popularized through Mormon doctrine.

“Got historical ignorance?” “Thank a archaic racial theory!”



End Race Based Law has a particularly interesting obsession with incest. In their ideology, “it’s a cultural thing”; and particularly attributed to First Nations societies – against all statistics and common sense. This is one of the slanders which they use regularly to race-bait people who have come to their page: the emotional response they elicit by throwing this in peoples’ faces is seen as a victory.  It’s pretty interesting that this is one of the first slanders that the Nazis used against the Jewish people; and was a particular obsession of AH, who cannot be named because writing about ERBL is always a minefield of Godwin’s Law avoidance.  Historians have pointed to the fact that the parent’s of H were quite closely related – and to the unusually close relationship between AH and his cousin, who eventually committed suicide in the apartment he had bought for her, but this is not to suggest that any other person having the same preoccupations might have the same deep psychological pathologies.


Here ERBL doubles down on a whole series of libels against First Nations people: FAS, alcoholism, abuse, incestinbreeding –dehumanizing them and claiming they are parasites in Canada. This trope is very similar to the methodology of the classic antisemitic texts of Europe.  A follower happily picks up the tone of abuse at “you people”, a classic racist “othering” formulation.


ERBL speaks on the imagined “cultural tradition” of incest:


The Canadian judiciary. justice ministries  – and international human rights organizations – have highlighted the fact that the Canadian justice system has been traditionally destructive to First Nations individuals; so much so, that many initiatives have started to deal with this obvious imbalance in a fundamentally racist system. End Race Based Law seems to have missed those memos.  Their explanation? Because Race.


End Race Based Law regularly portrays First Nations as outsiders and invaders. This “othering” is a central aspect of hate speech and genocidal ideation


has become one of the major tropes of hate speech. Historically proven instances of genocidal behaviour are simply dismissed – despite massive volumes of evidence and government records which prove otherwise.


Denial and dehumanization – all in the same paragraph.

In addition to ignoring the whole of Canadian history, here ERBL manages to ignore the whole of European history as well.


End Race Based Law takes on “Small Pox Blanket” – key memory of genocidal behaviour which has appeared in many colonial records – and many peoples’ histories, in many places: “It doesn’t happen to all of you, by all of them” – and therefore it didn’t happen.


Ahistorical contentions – suggesting that First Nations are somehow less evolved; and taking a European claim for democracy, despite the well-known fact that Rousseau, Voltaire and Benjamin Franklin all took inspiration for democratic structures from their knowledge of First Nations’ societies.


End Race Based Law – in the service of race-baiting – ignores the whole of Canada’s constitutional history. The Royal Proclamation of 1763; the Treaties of Friendship; the Treaty of Niagara: the Two Row Wampum; the Constitution of Canada; and numerous Supreme Court findings all agree in the fact that the First Nations are nations. Not so, says ERBL: because.. and follows with the “unevolved” libel


End Race Based Law doubles down on dehumanization.


An example of how End Race Based Law uses hate speech in order to race-bait people who come to her page. An emotional response is what she’s looking for; and it’s hard not to respond emotionally – even at a safe distance from her attack.


Again, Race Based Law uses hate speech to dehumanize people – purely as a method of race-baiting.


End Race Based Law once again uses the “uncivilized” libel to race bait.


End Race Based Law’s favourite proof on any given defamation: “It’s cultural”


A fine example of “othering“: in ERBL’s ideology, there are “Canadians”; and First Nations’ people are “non-Canadian” by definition.


More othering from ERBL: In this, the simple act of standing up for one’s rights is “aggression” – and needs to be excluded from “our streets”, and “our Parliament buildings.”  Again, a follower picks up on the abusive tone and established discourse.


End Race Based Law seems to be striving for “race war” thinking in this one: somehow round dances and drumming become profoundly threatening…


End Race Based Law using denial and dehumanization as their standard race-baiting tool.


End Race Based Law’s newest campaign: bolstering a widespread state of denial by attacking attempts to educate people in the facts of their history and their treaty obligations.


A particularly nasty dialogue: race-baiting by portraying First Nations people as sources of disease.


End Race Based Law plays the dehumanization card again, presenting incest and other sexual violence as particularly “cultural” expressions of the First Nation; ignoring the fact that they are common in the dominant culture and sexual violence is commonly directed at First Nations women by people of the dominant culture.


End Race Based Law is a master of dehumanization and denial. The large part that the First Nations played in horticultural innovation and the subsequent European population explosion; the riches torn out of the Americas to enrich Europe; the central part that the First Nations allies played in preserving the territory which became Canada: the massive part that First Nations played in the growth of the country: all are ignored.


End Race Based Law again uses their race war ideation: Idle No More round dances and drumming are “terrorizing” Canada.


 ERBL once again touches on a shopping list of their main themes – in the service of race-baiting.
“They belong to you alone and no one else.”21plus6

It doesn’t matter who addresses them: ERBL’s racialization of conflict requires that they be race-baited anyway.


Again, ERBL’s discourse is meant purely to provoke: any opposition to their views must be destroyed.


ERBL pulls out the stops in abusing an opponent.  Normal discourse in the ERBL world.


An amazing trick: ERBL turns racism on its head: the grass-roots expression of pride and resistance to the government’s attempts to ignore First Nations’ treaty rights become “Hitler”.


ERBL Allies:

The normal discourse on ERBL: othering, racist, typical


First, the exhortation to genocide; second, a means with which to do it; third, a follower asserts her right to denial, while ignoring the comments above.  This is common discourse on ERBL: the admins seem to almost never comment on its unsuitability – or remove such hateful statements.  In fact, Gerry Gagnon reaffirms the sentiment with his mention of “traitors”.

“Got Genocidal Ideation?” “Thank The Oblivious!”


Here is an astonishing exchange: while on the one hand, ERBL denies the possibility of historical genocidal behaviour; its followers are free to suggest that perhaps the problem is that the genocide was just not thorough enough.  Much more of this in our next report.


The Great Wall of Denial: an ERBL Manifesto:
“Not even Hitler did that”.

Great Wall of Denial

Thanks to everyone who captured the massive volumes of hate speech which ERBL produced this year – then went through their hard-drives to find these examples of ERBL’s hateful, genocidal discourse.  For each comment displayed, there are literally dozens which didn’t make the cut, for one reason or another. Many have been involved in preparing this document; and hopefully it will have some positive effect on public officials once they see the real face of ERBL.

If you haven’t please sign our petition at:
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Next up:  ERBL – Incitement and Aryans:                                                                           How the Aryans teamed up with an ‘Anti-Racist’ page