End End Race Based Law

The past few months have been busy for the compulsive hate-mongers at ERBL.  To begin, their legendary petition campaign: much discussed; much promoted; and never launched.  Similarly their attempts at campaigns in social media; which never seem to catch fire, but are regularly slapped aside by their opponents – as happened in Thunder Bay.  MT’s final parry – her disrespectful head dress campaign – was identically vapid.  Somehow, the image of MT smirking in her array of blue Malaysian chicken feathers never caught fire – and simply bored her excitable fans; so much so that images of Michelle pouting in her poultry finery have disappeared from the ERBL feeds.  This development is unfortunate – though ironically symbolic.  We’ve been left with the perfect icon of ERBL’s existence: all squawk; no chicken.

End Donate

On other fronts, ERBL doubled down on their involvement in the Tamara Ward Johnson self-immolation – this time in municipal politics; with many of their allies joining social media sites in Thunder Bay in hopes of electing TWJ as a councilor.

The result was predictable: a solid phalanx of opposition from all stations and walks of life in Thunder Bay – including a large and active group of local citizens, the Mayor, the Chief of Police, and a young and charismatic Chief of the Fort Williams First Nations – who handled Johnson’s inanities with rare aplomb.  The only thing that ERBL proved in Thunder Bay is that their followers are simply incapable of understanding democratic politics and the rule of law.

Tamara Ward Johnson now seems to be attempting to distance herself from some of her more rabid follows – who she had previously clung to for support through two elections – as they insist on underlining their inability to understand the modern age – and humans –by engaging in a vituperative set of attacks on private citizens who have taken the trouble of discussing and being critical of Ms Johnson’s position and platform or her social and political perceptions.  These attacks have plumbed the depths of internet bullying through impersonation, slander – and some of the most vicious displays of misogyny imaginable.


In the meantime, John Podolaniuk and Brian Webster have attempted to trumpet TWJ’s poor result in her third big failure in electoral politics as some sort of victory; pretending that the meager 7% she got at the polls somehow reflects a large constituency – though she is a full 40% behind any of the winning candidates in the polls.  Proof positive of their state of delusion can be found in their nuisance petitions – which make outrageous claims about the electoral process; and get few actual Thunder Bay residents as signatories.  We’d like to thank these gentlemen for their last contributions to our collective memories of TWJ – as she swans off into the sunset – and hopefully for good. Stay classy, guys!

ERBL imperson3

And speaking of third big fails: Dayleen Van Ryswyk has also run in what seems to be a fourth kamikaze campaign which seems to have involved campaigning for Johnson in Thunder Bay while staying resolutely silent in the Kelowna media.  Van Ryswyk’s attempt to mute her long-time involvement in ERBL came to no good end; because her involvement in Thunder Bay provided much fodder for us to remind the Kelowna media of her execrable views – and poor political knowledge and judgement

Electoral Racism

Van Ryswyk’s result: an almost impossibly minimal 1.28%; or half of the standard margin of error, and fully achievable by an ambitious tree or rock.  If there were any more convincing display of the fact that Dayleen Van Ryswyk does not speak for Canadians; and has no constituency whatsoever – it could not happen without the agency of a tornado; some ruby slippers; and a falling house.  Short of her dear dim hubby – a major fan of MT’s – it’s clear that Dayleen has little support outside of, perhaps, a few koi fanciers – whose judgement might be questioned if one considers the logistics of raising carp in grizzly and eagle country.  Any future involvement in electoral politics could only be seen as evidence of masochistic tendencies; and will demonstrate that megalomania doesn’t require any justification – other than a healthy dose of entitlement and privilege.

Morphology of Megalomania

Happily, though, Dayleen’s collapsed dream has left her free to return to the world of on-line commentary – which will gladden the heart of her many ironic fans.  Dayleen’s ego is the gift that keeps on giving:

ERBL-DVR returns

The final result of ERBL’s electoral plunge has simply been cringe-worthy – with allies finding themselves embarrassed by their obvious ties to the increasingly hectoring MT; and the mercenary nature of their involvement in the Thunder Bay campaign.  The damage done by ERBL’s opponents in Thunder Bay was so deep – and so devastating – that MT found old allies heading for the doors and – as is her character when feeling rejected – she began a project of harassment and hatefulness towards her former followers which pretty much ensures that many won’t ever return to the fold.  Significantly, the first follower to get the patented ERBL treatment was of First Nations ancestry – and clearly was subject to MT’s jealous rage at her close relationship to the dapper Gerry Gagnon: the leopard hasn’t changed her spots and continues to prefer to target First Nations women.

So – for now – ERBL sits hopelessly spinning its wheels, and repeating their standard lies to a bored few remaining supporters.  In fact, things are so bad that MT is now advertising for an “investor” who – as she clearly states – will not be too careful in checking the books.  It looks like the old days of collecting donations from bored and hateful pensioners (which looks a great deal like taking taxpayer’s money from the entitled few who can continue depending on it) are truly over.

End Petition

After two years of “campaigning”, ERBL is still working for donations – literally “hate-mongering”; and has not produced a single petition or coherent campaign.  At some point, even their dullest followers will realize that Michele Tittler’s little dog-and-pony show is simply a farce – and their followers serve as their tiny circus’s clowns.