British Columbia has long had a tradition of wacky and colourful politicians – from flying Phil Gaglardi to the self-named Premier Amor De Cosmos.  It’s also got a well-known tradition of the most vicious racism as part of its political culture; with outrages a-plenty – from the nasty colonial behaviour of the so-called “Chilcotin War”, to the Komagata Maru; to the Japanese internment; not to mention the fact that the Province of BC refused to not only recognize the treaty relationship, but refused to admit that they’d ever signed any treaties until the Courts forced them to do so in 1964 – and not to mention the long process by which the Tsilhqot’in finally got some of their rights recognized.

It was a surprise, however, to see a politician arise who not only met the marks for wacky and racist, but managed to do so before really becoming a politician at all: actually getting kicked out as an NDP candidate on the first day of an election – for the tediously usual bigotry of attacking the use of French in the Olympics; as well as a free-form and deeply ignorant meditation on First Nations.

Dayleen first apologized for her ignorant comments; then retracted any suggestion that she was actually apologizing for her sentiments; but merely wanted to apologize to any who were so sensitive as to have been hurt by her views.

And better yet, when ERBL reached out to her, she bit – hard. “Let’s take it the next level!” 000Ally Van Rysvek

Her idea for the “next level”: the same old dreary derogation of First Nations people.

00ally Van Ryswyk 2

And Michele Tittler – ERBL’s mother hen – loved to encourage Dayleen – the apt pupil.  Here, she brilliantly mirrors her mentor’s language, and demonization of First Nations people. Amazingly, round dancers and drummers become “domestic terrorists”.001DVR and ERBL

To demonstrate that she’s an equal opportunity hater, here’s a short section from her personal Facebook page: “Dayleen Van Ryswyk likes this” 002DVR homophobic

Unless – of course – the hate is from anyone who has stepped on Dayleen’s ambitions.  Her personal encouragement of homophobia doesn’t compare at all to that of the woman who brought her racists and anti-French comments to the public’s attention:

003DVR antihomophobic

In a very short time, Dayleen managed to become entrenched with the full network of ERBL’s friends and allies. For further information on these folks, please check “Incitement And Aryans” and “How To Run A Hate Group” – literally, a “who’s who” of Western Canadian white supremacists and racists.

004DVR friends list

Dayleen has been diligently reaching out for a year – even as her second by-election campaign failed miserably – as she tried to make political connections everywhere on the right: here, with the Canadian Taxpayers Federation – with an attendant set of “likes” from various supremacists.  Note especially her hubby’s interjection: it will become a regular theme in the Van Ryswyk discourse

005DVR ethical

Although Dayleen remained rather silent in the Kelowna social media, she seems to have been everywhere this year, spreading her baleful message of hate – and encouraging other ERBL members to do the same.  Here, she supports the sentiments of one of ERBL’s less visible administrators – in Winnipeg

007DVR in Winnipeg

And in Thunder Bay, she has been a prominent support of the highly marginal Tamara Ward Johnson – on Johnson’s web page; in social media community groups; and on CBC’s social media sites – always in the company of other ERBLites.

006DVR in T'Bay

Here – reaching out to Gary McHale in Ontario

008DVR McHale

And as she reaches out, her message is becoming more and more consistent; and the implications of her grosser version of the ERBL ideology seems to underline the deep strains of violent racism within the group.  She’s talking here about the various walks in solidarity with the families of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women:

009Mar 16 0937 MMIW racewar

Compare her words – and her message – to those of some of her earliest “free speech” supporters: Stormfront – the nadir of White Supremacy in Canada.


While Dayleen was striving to spread her influence, we had a lucky break in Thunder Bay.  Early attention to the racist campaign of Tamara Ward Johnson – here – and to her increasingly bizarre tactics – here – resulted in a strong group of Thunder Bay opponents who were well-aware of ERBL’s tactics – and its personnel:

TWJ NF Page 6

Many of the leading ERBL campaigners found themselves embarrassed by the fact that they were interfering in a Thunder Bay municipal election – despite the fact that they had no connections to Thunder Bay – and especially embarrassed by public knowledge of their surreptitious connections to Michele Tittler and Gerry Gagnon.  As Johnson’s campaign imploded, we watched as folks like Dayleen and Gail Dyer distanced themselves from Tittler and tried to influence Gerry Gagnon to break from the organization.

Predictably, Tittler reacted as she always does when rejected: full attack – and an attack targeted mainly at one of the few people in her retinue who has native ancestry: the full panoply of Michele Tittler’s methods were on display: slander, fake web pages, hateful messages, and harassment011Bebe&Dayleen July 28

Dayleen’s immediate disloyalty to her long-time mentor was a good indication of her self-serving wish to protect her election campaign from the ERBL implosion – which still has not fully resolved itself.

Her next step, however, has taken her disloyalty to a much higher level.

Watch as she presents herself as the new leader for ERBL – while carefully pretending not to criticize Tittler at all; although it would be unthinkable that she’s talking about anybody else:

012DVR on MT

And of course, she continues to pretend everything is okay; even as she tries to organize a putsch to overthrow her old friend.

013MT, DVR on Metis Nation

So this is how Dayleen has entered the Kelowna municipal election; having done nothing to educate herself on any of the issues which brought her to abject failure in three previous elections.  Instead, she has concentrated her delusions, made a power grab in one of the most hateful organizations in Canada; and tried to spin a web of connections to help her in her future ideological campaigns.

It’ll be interesting to see how she does in her election: early indications are poor – and this may be the rejection which convinces her to either educate herself – or simply go away.

014DVR Electoral Plummet