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In the past, we’ve been doing an overview of ERBL’s activities and friends over the past few years, including a breakdown of both Mickey’s stage-front persona as well as Gerry’s multiple back-channel contacts with a great diversity of folks in the lunatic right Recently, we’ve had the opportunity to look in as ERBL has actually infiltrated and take over someone’s web page; effectively destroying her political career in their quest for wider publicity and more members. Right now, TWJ is still of use to ERBL, so they’re playing her hard.  However – as other “allies” have learned – ERBL’s tactics are brutal when your usefulness runs out.   TWJ thinks she might have a future in municipal politics;  but when she hears from the polls, she’ll be hitting a wall – and that’s when ERBL will just walk away. Below you’ll find the results of our analysis of Tamara Ward Johnson’s Facebook page.

A Thunder Bay shopkeeper, Tamara was running for the Conservative Party there when she repeated some things that she’d heard around town – and the roof fell in on her. Turns out that Tamara doesn’t have a good grasp on the Law, the Constitution, Treaty Rights, and a host of other things that might be important for a politician. For most folks, you can fake it – or fudge it – and usually you can get through a conversation.  For a political candidate, shooting off your mouth without checking the facts is deadly. Tamara was tossed out by the Conservatives without so much as a “fare thee well”.  Luckily – or unluckily – for Tamara; the Libertarians, a wildly marginal party, was looking for a candidate with some public profile – and Tamara got the nod.

What the Libertarians were looking for was a well-known single-issue candidate like Rob Ford; who could break through the multiple establishment parties and give the Libertarians a seat.  So they went with that single flub of Tamara’s – and doubled down on it with a newspaper ad repeating the misinformation.  Then ERBL joined in. Below you’ll see the results. ERBL flooded Tamara’s page – and changed the discourse in their characteristic hateful way.  Tamara had no idea what was happening:

TWJ Page 1

The change starts slowly.  While Tamara has just been kicked out of her party – and everyone is walking away from a political disaster – suddenly she’s had a whole bunch of new friends who just wanted to help. TWJ Page 2

Unfortunately, very few of her new friends come from Thunder Bay.  In fact, they’re really there just to spread ERBL’s ideology,and not to get Tamara elected; a fact that Tamara – a political innocent – hasn’t figured out to this day.

TWJ Page 3

What Tamara doesn’t know is that some of the folks who are pushing her in this new direction for her political career are in fact well-known trolls and marginal, seriously eccentric racists.  For example, can you spot the Aryan in the above group of “likes”? The answer is here. In the following, you’ll see how things go: starting with a ERBL member – who regularly pretends to be from Thunder Bay –  grabbing hold of the conversation after TWJ posts something.

TWJ Page 4a TWJ Page 4c

Pretty soon, others join in: and all don’t even come from Thunder Bay.  It’s clear that – although they’re joining in to a discussion about local municipal politics, they are not at all knowledgeable about Thunder Bay; in fact, couldn’t care less about the discussion.  The two ERBLites are just talking the way they always talk – laying down their talking points: with no concern about the actual subject of the post; what has been said; or who has been saying it.

TWJ Page 4b

This kind of discourse – along with the, uh, interesting graphics, has the effect of driving away the uncommitted – and those who actually know something about the subject you’re talking about.  What’s left in the thread is the ERBLites – and those who are easy to convince. In the next posting, you can see how ERBL takes control of the discourse by buffing Tamara’s ego while at the same time laying down their ideology.  People from elsewhere, joining in to a discussion of a Thunder Bay event – and, in one case, pretending that they can actually effect things in Thunder Bay.

TWJ Page 5a

Please note that Gail Dyer suggests that she’ll be voting “for the first time in [her] life”.  Well – not in Thunder Bay: Gail lives in Eastern Ontario. In the meantime, people from Thunder Bay are falling away from a page which is increasingly – well – cranky.

TWJ Page 4c

Not included here is the host of times that the ERBLites have literally howled down citizens of Thunder Bay when they’ve suggested any concerns about what people are saying – and the way they are saying it. It’s obvious that ERBL has TWJ’s ear, because – true to ERBL’s technique – Tamara has now made her page “invite only”: which allows her to bar people if they don’t like what she’s saying; have questions about the facts she’s presenting; or don’t like the sentiments of the ERBL commentators.  In Tamara’s page these days, discussion and political discourse is at an end: if you don’t agree with Tamara – and ERBL – you’re simply thrown out. But – don’t take it from me!  Here’s a nice game card that you can use to analyze Tamara’s – and a few other – pages.  Here are the ERBLites – all “friends of Tamara” – who are trying to speak for the people of Thunder Bay:

TWJ Page 6

Let’s have a look at that first graph again: As ERBL takes control of the discourse on TWJ’s page,and  Tamara loses her soft support  – as well as the support of those who actually want positive change in Thunder Bay – you can see an small number of Thunder Bay residents who are starting to tune into ERBL’s profoundly racist message.

TWJ Page 1

That’s what ERBL is looking for in every Social Media campaign they run: an increase in ERBL numbers – not Tamara’s.  And after TWJ’s fantasy hits that electoral wall – when ERBL moves on to their next campaign – they’ll leave TWJ isolated and lost – wondering whatever happened to her reputation.  Or – more sadly – wandering the political wilderness as one of ERBL’s shock troops – like Darleen Van RysWyck – with less than 1% of the vote in her last by-election and media descriptions like “crass”, “classless” and “weird”.

But that’s her choice.  Lots of folks have tried to warn her; but somehow the stroking of the ERBLites gets her attention more than hard realities: not a good characteristic for someone involved in politics. If you want to know more about ERBL and what they’ve been up to; please go to StopOnlineHate.com for more information. And while you’re at it, please sign our petition! Thanks for your attention!

For a followup on this article, please check Tamara Ward Johnson’s Race Card