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At this point, we’ve seen a great deal of End Race Based Law’s activities in the past few years; its almost supernatural ability to generate hate speech and race-bait those who might think they’ll get a decent hearing from the ERBL crew; and the amazing way an “anti-racist” group can find itself in bed with racists of the most virulent kind.

In this account, we’ll be looking at the relationship between Mickey and Gerry; and the motivation behind their amazingly effective hate campaign.

First, we’ll be looking at the two faces of Mickey: the public – vociferous and hateful face – and the private face as revealed in formerly private communications with one of her former allies.

It’s seriously hard to know where to start:

whether with her capacity for racist abuse – here delivered to a residential school survivor:tittler abuse

The shopping-list of slanders and libels she carries around – ready for use – in her head:

02 mt- hate

02amt - NONE its cultural

That strident, hectoring voice03mt - racist

unreflective, uncaring

04 mt - screamin

An equal opportunity hater – so long as the other person has some idea of First Nations’ rights.  Here she reflexively accuses someone of being both assimilated and racist – though it’s unclear what their ethnicity might be…05 nickbassett

Or simply expertly trying to trigger someone’s angry response

07 mt - verhoek

She sometimes ends up speaking to herself, the other person long-banned and silenced…

08mt - manic

She can marshal any kind of non-fact to her cause

09pseudo 3

And turn to world on it’s head…

10mt - genocide as abuse

Because of a self-declared expertise: an authority based purely on ignorance

11authoritarian 1

And so, her political agenda:

The kind that any responsible political organization would organize

– based on equal parts cant and hyperbole –

12 you must pet

– with another part rhetoric and denial –

13 mt - denial

Her targeting is always right on marK: Because Native.

26MT - aptn

She’d be ridiculous, if it weren’t for her willingness to enter into the nastiest of subterfuges:

19susan page 1

To stalk and defame multiple people;

21MT - om&domains

Using multiple false identities – and sites – and organizations

21MT om

– and to make alliances with the most discreditable organizations possible: any hate group in the book.

23MT - anti islam

All in aid of attacking – what? – in this case a 13 year old girl.

Her explanation?  Because Native.


Strangely, almost every time, the target is a young First Nations woman.
Because Native.

28 MT - MAW petition

It’s a regular trope:  a talented young First Nations woman acts to express her agency and her solidarity with her culture.

And ERBL attacks

Because Native

29michelle thrush

Though she saves her deepest viciousness for those closest to her; in this case her family – after they apparently did something she didn’t approve of:

(This slanderous site was posted by ERBL as short time ago – and quickly taken down.  A narcissist knows no loyalty when their ego is challenged)

30 tittler

Her inability to see herself – to see her actions – often results in self-parody

31mt - race definition

And often little slips of the most telling kind…

What do you tell a child when her family comes from The Pas, Manitoba and she asks about her dark hair – and dark complexion?  Because Ukrainian, of course! What other explanation could you find in The Pas?.  And then she goes on – unreflectingly – to speak of “magic language”

32 MT - its so nutty'

“It’s so nutty”!  And how does a person with rich parents and a privileged background manage to get a criminal record?  You’ve got to be trying awfully hard…

33MT - court record

She works hard for it.   But sometimes – rarely – you get to see the other side of her.  In this message, she isn’t presenting herself in public: she’s communicating with a former ally who she’s been alternately importuning and taunting for months – since a significant online snit:

A lot of her victims have seen this side of her – but few want to release the communications, painful as they are.  Because it’s clear she’s doing this coldly – with a significant degree of sadism: “I just have so much heart in this and I feel joy in it”; “in time it will seem normal to say certain things more tempered”.  A frank admission of her mission – and of a clear program to normalize the most nasty hate.44Chuck&Mickey4

Here you see the public figure not playing her part – admitting that she’s playing a role; and – significantly – thinking that the role might be somehow attractive.


And certainly it must seem attractive to some.  For example, as played out in one of Mickey and Gerry’s private/public tiffs.

36 tiff

37 tiff

Because Gerry is Mickey’s “Brainiac”; her source for whatever intellectual legitimacy she can muster.

So he performs; presenting his patented “walls of text”: cut-and-paste assemblages with EMPHASIS ADDED; never quite hitting the point; but certainly interrupting any flow of conversation – Gerry “TLDR” Gagnon.  You’ll note that – as always – his text is a confection: tendentious and unreadable.

But the followers of ERBL aren’t readers – as such.  What they’re looking for is some authority for their prejudice and hate – and Gerry serves to deliver a pretext: whatever cherry-picked factoid will allow them to then vent according to ERBL’s clear rules….

34Super Brainia1

And having delivered up a history of First Nations resistance to attacks on their treaty rights as if it were some mysterious conspiracy, Gerry doubles down with: Because Obama.  Here the veteran climate change denialist and the new-born anti-Native activist hits his stride – and the followers hit that stride alongside him: “Create militias”; “I am in on the next round of Cowboys and Indians”; “It would be messy”.  And  “short and messy”.  Such comments will disappear after a few days – after enough people complain to Facebook about them.  ERBL lets them stand – unchallenged..direct and unmistakable genocidal ideation – and all swept into ERBL’s small and nasty tent.

Gerry is a master of “dog-whistle” language: where the most hateful of ideas get encoded so they can be delivered safely – and boringly – in public.  It’s all so quiet – but the dogs come baying at his call; whether everyday “kitchen table” racists or the most nasty organized kind.  As we’ve seen previously, he’s also been central to building alliances with a large group of those noxious individuals – many of whom appear on his friend’s list.

While Gerry’s largely been hiding behind Mickey’s skirts, he – and his role – are becoming increasingly evident.  Next up:  “The Brainiac” – Gerry – will get central stage.


But while Gerry plays it low-key; it’s not like Mickey is always over the top – the leading screamer in a chorus of hate.  Sometimes she sounds positively corporate – like the “owner” of the political organization that she pretends to be:

96MT- solicitation letter

She’s got plans for growth – “to get out and get funding” – and petitions.

Though she seems to have left a sea of abandoned petitions behind her – useful only for whipping up emotion in the moment; for building contacts; but seemingly not for any other function:

97 asnaar petition

For a political organization, ERBL seems remarkable uninterested in following through on the promise implicit in collecting a petition – to actually use it.  Instead, they jump from issue to issue – searching for exposure and notoriety; seeking public recognition, but not public scrutiny.  Here, ERBL’s most successful petition project: abandoned.  In the many years of ERBL’s campaigning, the petitions are ALWAYS abandoned:

While the petitions get short shrift – are created than ignored – there’s one thing that keeps ERBL’s focus; one thing that gets immediate attention at every turn: that “Donate” button – which appears everywhere possible.  It’s remarkable the donation button appears so much – given that the organization is doing absolutely nothing but collecting out-dated articles on old anthropology studies – and Sun Media fabrications.  And – of course – their important political goal of harassing random First Nations girls and women.  What’s the chances a local Ministry or Revenue Agency might be curious?

99 Thank You For Your Support

We have a “polititical organization” here which is dedicated to whipping its followers up into heightened states of racism and prejudice; to serving their need for justifications for their bigotry; to targeting random First Nations people to the end of satisfying that bigotry; and to collecting money – to what end?  Surely a “non-profit” must be doing something other than sitting online and venting hate.

Maybe we’ll find out when we have our next look at them through the prism of Gerry – “The Brainiac”.  He’s such a quiet, assuming character – and Mickey has already told us so much about his role!  I can’t wait to study up on his friends, political allies, and workmates!

Thanks to everyone who have contended with ERBL in these past years, as well as capturing the massive volumes of hate speech which ERBL produces – then went through their hard-drives to find these examples of ERBL’s hateful, genocidal discourse and wacky connections.  For each comment displayed, there are literally dozens which didn’t make the cut, for one reason or another – and we’ve got dozens of people who have been involved in putting together our evidence for ERBL.

If you haven’t signed yet, please sign our petition at:
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