For the past few weeks we’ve been looking at End Race Based Law’s activities in the past year; its almost supernatural ability to generate hate speech and race-bait those who might think they’ll get a decent hearing from the ERBL crew; and the amazing way an “anti-racist” group can find itself in bed with racists of the most virulent kind; as well as a little bit about how Mickey operates – and the way she’s constructed on-line personas to suit her needs

In this account, we’ll be drilling down into the online activities of Gerry; and the possible motivations behind their amazingly effective hate campaign. Contrary to what’s said on ERBL, there is no indication that Gerry is a legal professional. When looking at his material, it’s quite clear that he has neither the knowledge base – nor the mental habits required – to practice law successfully at any level.

What Gerry seems to be – in fact – is something of an itinerant audio engineer, with no regular gig – perhaps semi-retired – but certainly with no important profile in any of the industries which use audio engineers regularly.


Let’s have a look, once again, at one of his famous “Wall Of Texts”: nothing original outside of his semi-literate EMPHASIS ADDED; no interpretation; and an almost unreadable format.  His “Wall Of Texts” are meant to support whatever argument he’s proposing; but are definitely not meant to be read.  In fact, they rarely backup his assertions, but merely act as wallpaper to cover his lack of facts – which is critical to his role as ‘brainiac’ of ERBL.  Have a look: your first instinct will be to simply call a TLDR; if you persist, you’ll find there’s actually nothing there to support any argument he’s trying to make:01Super Brainia1

In fact, the purpose of his screed is usually to give ERBL followers an excuse to make some random, uninformed, emotional response – usually derogatory – to his equally uninformed argument.  Here’s the typical response from just last week: “create militias”; “the next round of Cowboys and Indians”; “it would be messy”; “needs to be sorted out and really quickly”.

Here are explicit incitements to violence on a public, moderated Facebook page – with the moderator – Gerry Gagnon – clearly present; and violent comments are left to stand in a way that no opposing voice would be allowed.  Gerry in fact has nothing to say other than to point out that “Obama” must have something to do with it; and the it’s just more ‘”Indigenous Peoples” nonsense’.  All typical “intellectual” discourse for a hate-filled echo chamber.02SuperBrainia2

As we have documented previously, ERBL has built this group based on their infiltration of a whole series of anti-native groups, as well as with smaller “closed groups” they have built to coordinate their activities.  They have also been picking up a wide set of different associates.  Interestingly, for an ‘anti-racist’ group, their requirements for allies don’t include any kind of ‘anti-racist’ activity: profound negativity about the First Nations seems to be their only criterion for membership.


As we can see, under ERBL leadership, we’ve ended up with many different groups which have been actively working against First Nations interests in the social media.  They seem to be actively reaching out to as many people as they can – and actively spreading their influence to as many people as possible.

06gerriinmr-MAYBE members

Here’s one such instance of the ERBL groups out-reach: the group Entitled No More receiving a link to a highly tendentious article from their favourite news source – SunNews.

07gerry ENM

Sometimes, their enthusiasm for constantly creating new groups and identities has resulted in hilarious mis-steps; like this group which seems to have been created purely for the purpose of bullying people.  Is ERBL accidentally describing themselves with complete subconscious clarity?

08erbl whoops

In the past while, we’ve been using a massive collection of screen-caps from various pages to document ERBL’s activities over the past year.  While doing that, we’ve also been tracking down the appearance of many of ERBL’s principals on a variety of people’s friends lists; or – if a particular friends list is blocked – tracking their appearance on people’s news feeds as “likes” or “comments”.

What we’ve found has been fascinating: a clear effort to use social media to advance their racist agenda – as well as to ally themselves with some of the most despicable hate groups in Western Canada.

Here we have Gerry with a combination of “moderately” anti-native people, ERBL principals,  and Canadian Taxpayer Federation followers on his friendship list – while he – or “Charlie Tofawders” -appear on the feeds of the viciously anti-native Annette Gionet and Jody Issel; along with the equally vicious “Singfreid VanderKunt” and Wayne Naylor.

For more on some of these individuals, their connections can be tracked in our previous article “Incitement and Aryans”:


And incitement remains the name of the game: here Gerry – easily identified by his faux-journalistic “from the COMMENT section:” – takes up with an extremist call to take up arms with a call to barrage a crown attorney with outrage:

10 gerr incitement

And here’s a good example of the kind of folks that Gerry’s hanging out with on those friends lists and social media sites – salt-of-the-earth racists using everyday slanders along with insults against Native spirituality:

11erble wolf

Genocidal sentiments prevail; incitements to violence are common: and all these folks clearly work closely with the “anti-racists” at ERBL:

A typical sentiment from Wayne Naylor

12inmr laugh it up Redskin

No amount of hyperbole is too much for these folks.  Here, INMR mainstay, Terry Innes, tries to re-invent the concentration camp: ‘for their own “Safety”‘:

18erbl more land

All of these folks aren’t just on the group’s main pages – not just visitors – but also on their personal friends lists, closed groups; as well as joining their campaigns on social media sites; in addition to crowding on to various unknowing peoples’ personal pages in order to sway popular sentiment in a dangerously racist direction.  As we’ve built our matrix for these people, it becomes clear that they are following a coordinated plan – as ERBL joins with other anti-native groups to spread their particular brand of hate:

014haters friendslist2a

Here, for example is a demonstration last year for Wayne Naylor’s “Idle No More Resistance” group; or – alternately – “the Naylor family”.  That’s a pretty small turn-out – with identically fabricated signs.   Not much of a bang for Mr. Naylor’s buck:

15inmr - lethbridge

But here’s something even more interesting: the account by the former administrator of INMR of the way that Michele Tittler hijacked his group for  her own purposes.  You can note his confidence in retaking his group as well as his trust for good ole Gerry – who plays the familiar “Good Cop” role that the INMR thought was theirs.  Since then, Naylor has taken over the group – and Del-ciotto is licking his wounds and prospecting in the Similkameen…

16Gino Del INMR

Under Naylor – under the tutelage of Tittler – and with the quiet support of Gerry, Idle No More Resistance has turned into something that is very different from Del-ciotto’s vision: constant calls for violence, completely obvious hate speech; self-evident dehumanization of First Nations people.

17gerry  inmr

Occasionally, the whole illusion of there being different groups completely disappears; for example, when the adminstrator of ERBL has a little discussion with her followers in INMR – Terry Innes – and APTNFU – “Rainblow Buttmonky”.  You’ll note a complete lack of irony in “Buttmonky” – an associate of the Aryan Nation – commiserating with Tittler about her “Brown Shirt” characterization.

20gerry new innes.buttm

This is the kind of discourse that ERBL is building it’s “political group” on; not petitions, but an amplifying of hatred and prejudice:


But happily, the arrogance of the principals of these groups leaves them telling more about themselves than they actually realize.  Here “Singfreid VanderKunt” expresses love for ERBL – and is answered enthusiastically as “Butt”.  Rainblow Buttmonkey is a friend of the admins for ERBL – and the prime administrator of the hateful APTNFU; Mickey lets us know that they’re one and the same person.22erbl sing-hump your leg

Here’s how all those connections fall out.  It’s worth noting the obvious firewall that both Gerry Gagnon and Wayne Naylor have put up between their main groups; their personal pages – and their widespread and enthusiastic participation with the haters.  It’s also worth noting that these concentrations of ERBL and INMR principals with representatives of various hate groups can occur on people’s personal pages who might not be aware of the larger connections at all – but may be influenced by the comments of the coordinated group:

023hater friendslist final 1

023hater friendslist final 2

Their influence can be insidious:  as simple as “liking” an incitement to violence.

24gerr aptn - take up arms

Any excuse can serve as a pretext for a coordinated attack; an amplification of prejudice and hatred: APTNFU starts the roll; ERBL supports it.

25aptn -erbl support

And information is shared between the groups.  Here APTNFU hands out a wrong address for one of its opponents.  Given the backgrounds of the people in APTNFU ( of which; more later) the intent to threaten is quite clear:

26aptnfu maw address

The long-term participation of the APTNFU coterie in the activities of both ERBL and INMR presents important questions about the goals of those organizations.  The backgrounds of the APTNFU people – and their ultra-racist tendencies – are part of the public record.  Their regular interactions with ERBL are clearly troublesome for any legitimate political organization – or legitimate political activist.  Note how Gerry Gagnon always seems to be the front man when dealing with these people:

027hater friends list final 1

027hater friends list final 2

Not that Michele is in any way shy of them.  It’s clear they have a regular and friendly relationship – until their eventual – and very public – breakup. Since the break-up, however, Gerry continues to exert his influence and friendship with them to this day: ERBL continues to exert influence even though there has been a public break.28erbl mtgordie

And as the haters move on to new fashions in hate campaign, Michele simply moves on with them:  spreading international hate memes; Michele approves and doubles down with some free-form derogation.

29MT to AC AntiIslam

It’s all very homey.  Quite comfortable if one was unaware of the Aryan connection; the Auschwitz photos; the seriously disturbed imagery which is a constant on some personal pages.

30 gerr likes jody

For Gerry, there is apparently no form of hate which would prevent his becoming the friends of a social media activist: “Anti homosexual”; “Anti communist”; “Stop islamization”.  As long as they’ll occasionally serve the ERBL anti-native agenda, their other preferences for hate are immaterial.

31 ger like jody issel.

And the grotesqueness of their opinions are also not important – so long as they’ll join in with the online savaging of an online commentator or the skewing of a comment thread to their own particular goal.

32 arnie hate

“Gerry Gagnon likes this”

33 gerr like arnie

And Arnie’s continuing attempts at humour pretty much solidifies the view of these folks as an ideological cohort.  The quiet Gerry Gagnon – with his firewall against the haters – finds himself quite comfortable in their company.  Is it simple opportunism – or is it simply that he shares their feelings?  You’d never know if you were simply to pay attention to his personal page – or his public statements.

The firewall is clearly there to serve as a camouflage for Gerry’s true activities:34Claire, Singfried like Arnie

Though he is as easy to bait as the others by folks like Clair Voyant; deeply involved in the APTNFU crew; and a militant extremist.

35 gerr like clair.

It’s all good fun: a topless anti-Muslim demonstration; a cheery anti-Muslim poster; a seriously off-colour anti-Native joke. Gerry regularly demonstrates his common feeling with many of these extremists.  He positively haunts their personal pages.

36 Gerr likes gionet

Though Michele tries to match his quiet activism, her laser-like concentration on herself leaves her largely oblivious to the actual dialogue taking place.

37Innes no in Genes

And what a dialogue it is!  Wayne Naylor calling for the PERMANENT removal of Pam Palmater:38 Naylor Incite

Terry Innes calling for “Lethal Force”:

39 innes gangs

And calling for “Lethal Force” in a public forum while being quite free with his personal information; quite obviously unconcerned with any public authority’s response to his clear hate-speech – or his employer’s for that matter:

40 innes ID

These folks are so very comfortable with their public roles:40 jody and Sing love hatchet

And very protective of their own rights – while trying to take away the rights of others:41 hatchet

It’s hard to say which of Hatchet’s pictures got thrown off Facebook: his friends clearly can’t understand Facebook’s delicacy:

Likely, though, it’s this one:42 hatchet

Though there’s a good chance it’s this one – and just as clearly, the friends of this person have no problem with his humour.43 hatchet

What’s clear is that ERBL – and Gerry Gagnon – regularly engage with these folks – and have a friendly and collegial relationship with them.  When we look again at the matrix, the message is quite clear: there is much more to ERBL than meets the eye; and they seem to have no compunction at all about working in the most devious and back-handed ways.

044hater friends list final 1

044hater friends list final 2

So let’s look again at ERBL’s unassuming, corporate message to it’s followers – and then to it’s allies and associates.  If you want to know what their true agenda is – it’s worth looking at the folks they’re working with; and it’s a shocking crew of extremists.

45 MT- solicitation letter

As previously described in Valentine to  Tittler, ERBL’s “political work” has been inconsequential; they – and especially Gerry – have been concentrating on building their ties with the worst racist hate groups in Western Canada.  What, then, is the plan for the money that they are so assiduously raising?

46 Thank You For Your Support

For more on End Race Based Law, we have a whole series of articles available:

ERBL’s activities in 2013

ERBL’s use of hate speech and race-baiting

ERBL’s incitement to violence and allies

Michele Tittler’s role in ERBL

as well as an excellent primer on reporting Facebook hate speech.  Hopefully, if enough people complain, Facebook will one day take this problem seriously.

In the meantime, please sign our petition – and share if you can.

The more people who are made aware of the true nature of ERBL; the sooner it will be shut down.

Thanks again to all those who continue to collect information on these hate groups – and investigate their principals.  If any of those  principals would like to correct any information here, we’ll be glad to reply to your comment here – or at the Facebook page “Shut ERBL Down”.  As you can see, we’ve already received considerable information from people who have realized that they are being conned to meet ERBL’s real agenda.