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SHUT ERBL DOWN. There should be no place for hate speech on Facebook.  

ERBL (End Race Based Law) is a political organization that wants to change the constitution to remove the race based laws by 2017.

A monumental task, to be sure, so one would assume that ERBL spends a lot of time creating and petitioning the Federal Government, networking, and associating with people and organizations with the skills and knowledge required to accomplish their goal, or creating a business plan. IS ERBL DOING THESE THINGS? NO!!!


– Cyber-squatting domains with malicious intent
– Creating fake profiles, including using the picture of a deceased person
– Copying and pasting the works of others, with the EMPHASIS CHANGED to match the users’ viewpoint (Assimilation)
– Posting articles that are outdated in an attempt to support their views.
– Associating with racists and white supremacists
– Bullying, harassing and threatening people

“Shut ERBL Down” is a Facebook group of around 100 people who have been watching ERBL, recording its conversations, researching its members – and in some cases reaching out to its former allies.  In the course of the past year, we have put together enough material to crowd-source innumerable articles.

This set of blogs was originally supposed to be a set of five, but has been reduced to a set of four by the recent news that the family of one of the principals of ERBL has completely dissociated themselves from her views and behaviour.

Not unexpectedly, she has responded to her family’s attempt to extricate their good name from the hate campaign by building yet another site which slanders and libels her family.

Consequently the order of the blogs will be “ERBL’s Activities“; “Hate Speech and Race-baiting“; “Incitement And Aryans“; and “Mickey and Gerry

The articles should come out about every second day – and will be available at the “Shut ERBL Down” Facebook page, as well as distributed on twitter via #shuterbldown.

It’s quite clear when you look at ERBL’s activities that the only thing they want to do is target the most disadvantaged group of people in Canada – and take them down one or two more pegs. They also have an astonishing side line in threatening and harassing people – like Tenelle Starr – for no particular reason:

Strange business for an “anti-Racist page”!


ERBL announcing in June of 2013 that they’d purchased the domain names with the intention of using them for malicious purposes. Many of these domains (reported to total over 100) were the personal names of others – not anyone associated with ERBL.  Typically, the sites accessed by these domains contained material slandering those that End Race Based Law deemed to be part of an “Aboriginal Cyber-bully Gang” – though their opponents tend to come from a full spectrum of ethnicities.


ERBL announcing in December 2013 that they have purchased the domain of Ken (last name withheld)


ERBL announcing in September 2013 that she’d previously bought Idle No More domains. In fact, she did not purchase them until Sept 23rd. Regardless, she purchased these domains with malicious intent – to point to her website with racist content.


Michele Tittler of ERBL announcing that she was planning on using websites she was cyber-squatting, to spread personal and private information about people who had disagreed with her, in order to malign and damage their reputations. MT used her father’s credit card to purchase over 100 domains, most of them for malicious purposes.


ERBL is explicit about their cyber-squatting campaign and their general policy of harassment



ERBL has maintained a low-level campaign of harassment against numerous opponents.  Many have been silenced because of her threats against their reputations and their livelihoods; police authorities are largely uninterested.

Here’s one such threat


A single threat is nothing.  The fact that this is a repeated pattern – across the country –  is significant.

The voraciousness of these campaigns can be seen by the following example:

When ERBL contacted Online Hate Prevention Institute in 2013 trying to claim that ERBL were the victims of racism. OHPI did not accept ERBLs claims as valid.  As a result ERBL put OHPI on their enemies list – mounting a campaign of defamation, harassment, and cyber-squatting against them.

When OHPI posted a statement about ERBL’s hate speech, ERBL created a FAKE OHPI page and populated it with material that ERBL claims it received from others.



ERBL then cyber-squatted on OHPI and became to distribute defamation from their racist enemies in Australia:



ERBL declared that anyone who disagreed with them is a racist abusive bully; and that these people were a “cyber-rapist gang”. ERBL decided to post a video with screen capped pictures and defamatory commentary about numerous people who had nothing to do with the shocking pictures. YouTube removed that video on the basis that it violated their “policy prohibiting content designed to harass, bully or threaten.”



ERBL disliked the “Got Land? Thank An Indian” hoodies in the news recently
So ERBL decided to “reach out” and dialogue with the young girl who had had trouble from her school for displaying an historical fact. (We have screen-caps of the dialogue, but will not publish it to preserve the young girl’s privacy – and any possible police investigation). However, we do have a similar account of ERBL’s attack on the creator of the T-shirt.




After this report, Michele “Canada” Tittler declared that APTN is now officially part of the Aboriginal Cyber-bullying Gang.

ERBL claims they are the victims but over the past year or so, there have been many many instances where ERBL was found to be abusive and in violation of Facebook terms.



ERBL And Friends

Jody Issel is an associate of the Aryan Nation in Saskatchewan – and a regular associate of ERBL.


Rainblow Buttmonkey runs another Hate Page full of supremacist material: APTNFU.

Mr. Buttmonkey was the head of the Aryan organization in Saskatchewan – til the Aryan Nation headquarters found out about it.  Apparently the Aryans are deeply prejudiced against Buttmonkeys


Dayleen was ejected as an NDP candidate because of her racist rhetoric
Why Dayleen Became A Non-Candidate


“Idle No More Resistance” illustrates the tensions within the Supremacists of Western CanadaAs can be seen here, when Allies turn against ERBL, they become some of our best sources of information:


These tensions often result in former allies of ERBL sending us private communications with ERBL:

“Another reason to shut that page down due to the creator of the page targeting others while claiming she is innocent. Take these two screencaps which show she knowing used a deceased woman’s image and made a fake account named “Susan Winter” to troll the so called “cybergang”.   It is time for her to stop pretending to be a victim to her so called supporters and for them to see that she is far from being a victim, she is an aggressor or as CBC stated, a troll. I have placed links of support to have the ERBL page removed as a hate page from Facebook.”


Part 2 of ERBL’s “funny games”: many of her playmates are White Supremacists – and her targets are almost invariably young First Nations women.


Race-baiting (Actual examples will be published shortly)

ERBL is proud of their ability to bait people.
ERBL then captures emotional responses and use them as proof of bullying.


The most mild objections to ERBL’s rhetoric often result in storms of abusive language:



ERBL steals a picture of a deceased woman, creates a fake profile; then plans another campaign of harassment.  As can be seen by the IM images under “Friends” the link goes straight back to MT.

ERBL uses the photo of the deceased Shirley Davis – from her obit…


20warning to APTNFU2

It’s quite clear from the above account that End Race Based Laws’ claims as a political organization are vastly overstated.  Rather that building a constituency; contacting politicians in a meaningful way, and distributing petition – ERBL has merely harassed their perceived opponents while whipping its followers up into greater and greater states inchoate hate.  A simple Google search of their so-called petitions will find them all in a state of profound neglect.  However, it’s  quite notable that ERBL’s greatest efforts – its first priority – is ensuring that their donation site is always on line – and always readily available.

It’s *interesting* when a political organization seems to actually do no actual political work other than a constant reflexive attempt to get into the media and into the headlines.  It’s even more interesting when the owner of that group – a so-called “not for profit” – seems to have no other source of income – and seems to concentrate so much energy on soliciting donations from a constantly incited group of quite uninformed followers.

“Got Money?” “Thank An ERBLer!”

For the next in our series, please go to “Hate Speech and Race-Baiting“;  for more on ERBL’s interesting allies, please check “Incitement and Allies”

Thanks to everyone who have contended with ERBL this past year, as well as capturing the massive volumes of hate speech which ERBL produces – then went through their hard-drives to find these examples of ERBL’s hateful, genocidal discourse and wacky connections.  For each comment displayed, there are literally dozens which didn’t make the cut, for one reason or another.

Many have been involved in preparing this document; and hopefully it will have some positive effect on public officials once they see the real face of End Race Based Law – and the future of Hate Speech in Canada.  We’re very lucky to have a Minister of Justice who is dead set against bullying – and I’m sure will be all over ERBL once he becomes aware of this organization’s hateful influence on Canadian discourse.

If you haven’t signed yet, please sign our petition at:
Shut ERBL Down Petition