and another one passes…


We’ve just passed our one year Auntie-versary and, not that we’re ones to wax polemic, we thought it worth mentioning a few things about Auntie This.  😉

Auntie This is a collective blog written by several people in collaboration and with the support and input of a larger group of people who have been working, formally and informally, to combat racism and hate speech against First Nations people.

The owners of this blog have been in contact with law enforcement about the hate speech documented on these pages and we have provided our full names and contact information to the authorities with our statements.

The purpose of the page is to:
– Expose use of misinformation and stereotyped rhetoric.
– Air the misinformation in order to create space for the Truth.
This page supports anti-oppression. This page has a no-tolerance policy towards any racism, sexism, classism, homophobia, transphobia, ablism…

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