“I will never, as best as I’m able, close myself off to the historical and current truths of Canada’s aboriginal people.

I will never claim that the TRC is the Healer of healers, and now we can all go home. Much truth is still being hidden by the Canadian government, and many stories are still being silenced.

I will never say that Canada is a champion for women’s equality as long as aboriginal women and children are still prime targets for abuse, kidnapping, trafficking and dehumanization.

I will never say that reconciliation must look the same way for everyone, and work on one timeline.”

Reluctant Mysticism

Lac La Biche Mission 1896

(Lac La Biche Mission Residential School 1896_Photo Credit: Lac La Biche Mission)

It would be another 100 years before the last residential school was closed in Canada — 1996. I graduated high school in 1996. I was preparing for my freshman year at college. I was under the impression that residential schools all looked like the picture above: black and white, old and grainy, things of the past, sad but irrevocable pieces of history.

Today I’m sitting in a cafe that’s live-streaming Edmonton’s Truth & Reconciliation Events. Due to the crazy traffic and parking fiasco I went through, I wasn’t able to make it physically to The Shaw Conference Centre today. Live-streaming is the next best thing, I guess.

What am I to think?

I’m white.

I’m Christian.

The whites.

The Christians.

We were the haters, the oppressors, the mongerers, the rapers, the abusers, the greedy mouths that took…

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