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a1End End Race Based Law

As we have been documenting, “End Race Based Law” has been pursuing a project of slandering First Nations cultures, denigrating indigenous leadership, and allying itself with some of the grossest white supremacists in Canada (see here)

The energy required to keep that drum-beat of hate going has been extreme; and the administrators of ERBL have seemed amazingly creative in digging up new slanders and accusations to level against people who are simply asserting their own legal rights.  However, it turns out that the job hasn’t been that difficult: ERBL is merely putting old wine in new bottles – decanting hatred from a well-known source.

aaERBL - Venn

This past week, Steven Blaney, federal Minister of Public Safety, pretty much called the strategy out: “The holocaust did not begin in the gas chambers; it began with words.

As we will show, ERBL has been consciously mining some of the oldest slanders of antisemitism in a continuing hate campaign against the indigenous nations of Canada.

To begin: classical antisemitism is always set up as a conflict between struggling nation against an alien and parasitic intruder.   For this tactic to succeed, it’s necessary for the person who is being influenced to identify strongly with that nation – to the exclusion of all other alliances:

b ERBL - nationalism

ERBL regularly pushes this button – in accordance with a government which is similarly plumping patriotism over all other considerations.  In the case of ERBL, this nationalism is clearly all-encompassing; and does not allow for any particulars of historical fact, or ethnic identity to intrude on a supra-national “Canada’.

baERBL - nationalism 2

“Canada” becomes fetishized; and – as we shall see – any identity outside “Canada” becomes, by definition, the enemy of Canada – and of ERBL’s audience.

Below: ERBL at it’s most manic; and a “Canada” straight out of 1984, both graphically and in spirit.

bbERBL - nationalism 3

As part of the almost religious evocation of “Canada”, any criticism of Canada’s glorious past – and its glorious leaders – is tantamount to treason.

Below, ERBL attempts to protect the reputation of Sir John A: proponent of an “Aryan Nation“; ethnic cleanser; and famously corrupt speculator.  His role as the founder of the Indian Act and a calculated policy of genocide needs to be ignored in respect for the greatness of Canada.

bcERBL - nationalism 4

From the perspective of ERBL’s supra-national “Canada” the continuing existence of indigenous national identities is treated as some kind of sickness.

Even more: the whole officially acknowledged project of assimilation has to be treated as a fiction.  To do this trick, ERBL has to actually redefine “genocide” – along with the Canadian government ; and ignore the actual definition of “genocide” created by the man who actually invented the concept – and word.

caERBL - denia1

And – hey!: while we’re denying genocide; and redefining clearly defined concepts; and creating an ideal state which is clearly disconnected from its actual history; why not double-down by describing well-known survivors of that historical experience as liars?

ERBL keeps checking off those strategies which have been well-defined by the antisemitic movement for the last few centuries.  And it becomes increasingly difficult to see those similarities as accidental.

caERBL - denial2

“Stop FN lying”: Stay classy, ERBL!

caERBL - denial4

Having set the grounds of a supra-national “Canada”; and having set up the victims of a century-long genocidal project as untruthful, ERBL then looks for the results of that five-generation project of decimation – in order to blame the indigenous people for the effects of the Indian Act.

Below: Indian Act regulations – and a federally posted notice – are somehow blamed on First Nations bands.

caERBL - exceptionalism

Any attempt to break out of the restraints of the Indian Act – and actually earn a living – is similarly criticized.  This is ERBL merely championing the policy of the Indian Act in making sure the indigenous people can not compete with the dominant society on any level.

cbERBL - exceptionalism 2

Similarly, judicial attempts to address a well-known and well-documented prejudice in the justice system against indigenous people somehow become a benefits of “race based law”.

ccERBL - exceptionalism 4

Most fantastically, the actual experience of a young woman – and her strong stand against victimization – becomes the fault of “ONE RACE”; and an exploitation of that woman.

cdERBL - exceptionalism 3

Each example builds on the next; and ERBL’s “blame game” reduces a continuing struggle for cultural – and physical – survival as “bullying” .  Here “ONE RACE” reaches through the TV set to threaten poor Canada with its not-wanting-to-be-curbed and its not-wanting-to-be-denigrated.

d ERBL - racism1

Here, ERBL creates a meme which it can ascribe to the indigenous “ONE RACE”, though it has appeared on no known indigenous site:

d ERBL - racism2

Here, it attacks any institution which might consider giving indigenous people fair representation in the main stream media:

e ERBL - conspiracy

Because representations of the “ONE RACE” are so very scary:

e ERBL - Conspiracy1

Even if the institution happens to be the Supreme Court of Canada, protecting the Constitution; as well as the Treaties that created the country and that Constitution.

e ERBL - Conspiracy 2

So ERBL’s supra-national “Canada” rejects the judiciary, as well as any government which might recognize the continuing role of the indigenous nations in the history of Canada: “Not Canada”

e ERBL - Conspiracy 3

Instead, the continuing existence of those indigenous nations – and their continuing struggle to assert their rights – is treated, explicitly, as a threat to Canada.  Natives are regularly portrayed as saboteurs, as fifth columnists. This is a classical technique of European antisemitism.

f ERBL - Sabotage

The demonization of the indigenous nations avoids no libel: here, they are even “communist” – a libel shared with the European antisemites

g ERBL - communists

And – of course – it’s all about the money.  ERBL – and those antisemites – love to use money to stand in for the “ONE RACE”

h ERBL - parasites

Because we know that living on a reserve – or a shtetl – is all about the Benjamins – and that running a band gas station is the route to unlimited wealth:

h ERBL - parasites 2

ERBL – in its demonization of the indigenous nations – even pulls an ancient trope from the antisemitic play book: incest.  This is a libel which has been used for centuries against the Jews, the Roma and the Sinti; and ERBL has pulled it from the  back pages of the antisemitic histories to use in the present day – purely to denigrate and race-bait.

i ERBL - incest

Any discussion of the situation of indigenous women is immediately derailed by ERBL’s fascination with incest:

i ERBL - Incest 1

In fact, ERBL’s peculiar obsession with incest – though clearly effective in demonizing and silencing a large group of people – is mighty suspicious; and leads us further into our suspicions about their inspiration.

You see, the administrator of ERBL shares this obsession with a particular antisemitic historical figure – who learned his antisemitism in Vienna – home of that seminal theorist on incest, Sigmund Freud; and home of Michele Tittler’s grandfather.

i ERBL - incest 2

Freud also wrote a great deal about “projection”: the dynamic where someone “projects” their problems on to a scapegoat.  For example: that historical antisemite, who was romantically involved with his cousin – yet was quite excited about the possibility of incest among the Jewish people.

i ERBL - incest 3

This Viennese historical figure was unstinting in his fascination – and hatred – for Jews.  They were always portrayed as stereotypes of malevolence:

j ERBL - demonization

Malevolent stereotypes who had special privileges:  (In this case, a description of a case which bears no resemblance at all to the actual event)

j ERBL - demonization2

Parasites who were merely a drag and obstruction on an otherwise great nation.

j ERBL - demonization3

And – of course – could be demonized with any number of examples cherry-picked from history.

j ERBL - demonization4

The leaders of the community are always treated as malevolent

j ERBL - demonization5

And the continuing life of that community is seen as a direct threat to the existence of that supra-national “Deutschland”.

j ERBL - demonization6

And so war is invoked…

k ERBL - civil war1

Civil war to protect the supra-national state from that fifth column of parasites:

k ERBL - civil war2

Those “race based thugs” – like Hitler!

l ERBL - Godwin

And with that brilliant evocation of Godwin’s Law, ERBL reveals the face of the figure that inspires their denigration and slander of the indigenous nations.

It “rhymes with Tittler”; and here we have a problem:

Godwin's Law

Because Hitler is used so indiscriminately to castigate opponents, that the use of his name almost immediately trivializes an argument – as can be seen by Steven Blaney’s misuse of the Holocaust in a vain attempt at historical seriousness.

But  – in this case – the parallels between his thinking and ERBL’s ideology are unmistakable.

And it’s hard to believe that the Austrian-born Hitler – resident of Vienna between the World Wars – did not have some things in common with the Austrian-born Konrad Tittler, Michelle’s grandfather and  and also resident of Vienna – world capital of antisemitic thought – between the wars.


And – unless Michele Tittler has been spending her nights reading up on Hitler’s theories – it’s hard to credit the fact that she is blandly repeating the many libels contained in Mein Kampf – while seeking to profit from her dissemination of hate – as AH did when he wrote Mein Kampf to make some money from his notoriety while serving a term in prison.

m ERBL - advertising

And it’s hard to credit that Steven Blaney, Minister of Public Safety, is unaware that his own government chose to remove the sections of the Criminal Code which would have prevented Michele Tittler from profiting from the spreading of hate speech on the internet; sections which have never been replaced with anything that could be used against such genocidal language.

When he says ‘The Holocaust did not begin in the gas chamber, it began with words’, Blaney has drawn a link straight to ERBL’s door; and straight to his own door.  As “Minister of Public Safety” – perhaps he should be more interested in the genocidal language being used within Canada’s borders today, by ERBL and their vicious allies.  And perhaps – as “Minister of Public Safety” – he should have a little chat with Facebook about their continuing support and promotion of an obvious Hate Group on their platform.

“The holocaust did not begin in the gas chambers; it began with words

Canada has already weathered one long instance of genocidal thinking.  It doesn’t need to support the continuing promulgation of that thinking by mercenary hate-mongers.

MT - all you dirty Indians

Ladies and Gentlemen: The Patriot – Michele “Canada” Tittler