Report says ER death of Sinclair is example of ‘Fatal Racism’….


Brian Sinclair Brian Sinclair

Winnipeg Free Press

A Toronto health policy think-tank says in a new report the death of Brian Sinclair is a prime example of how racism leads to poor treatment of indigenous people in Canada’s health care system.

The Wellesley Institute report, First Peoples, Second Class Treatment, takes a broad look at the impact of racism and stereotyping on the health of indigenous people. It looks at the Brian Sinclair case in a section on racism and access to health care, under the heading “fatal racism.”

“Racism, the refusal of care and poor treatment of Indigenous peoples in the Canadian health care system are well documented in health research,” concludes the report. “For Mr. Sinclair, the impact of racism proved fatal.”

Sinclair was 45 when he died of a treatable bladder infection in the waiting area of the emergency room at the Health Sciences Centre in September 2008…

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