The Canoe

Last summer, police found the body of a 15 year old First Nations girl in the the Red River. Tina Fontaine was murdered, wrapped in a plastic bag, and dumped in the river.

Last week, someone mailed a card to her family with the following words: “You guys are nothing but a bunch of drunken Indians.” It went on to say that Tina was “following in her father’s footsteps, drinking beer, passing out in back allies.”

Who the hell (and I chose that word intentionally) does that? Seriously?!?

This, right after Macleans Magazine called a Winnipeg the most racist city in Canada, and another report said that Manitoba is the worst place to live in Canada if you’re First Nations.

It’s time to talk about racism, my friends.

I’ll wager that 99% of us reading this aren’t overtly racist. We’re not sending racist hate mail, we’re not using racial slurs…

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