Idle No More: Mutiny on the Bounty by Elyse Bruce. Once again a stellar article from this author. Thank you for sharing your words; they are very much appreciated.

Elyse Bruce

Last month, Tamara Johnson decided to make noise in Thunder Bay by offering what she called a “reward.” But what Ms. Johnson refers to as a “reward” is considered a “bounty” in the eyes of Thunder Bay Police Chief J.P. Levesque and Fort Williams First Nation Chief Georjann Morriseau. What’s the difference?

The dictionary definition of a reward is “money that someone receives for finding and returning something or for helping the police.”

The dictionary definition of a bounty is “money offered as a reward, especially for catching or killing a criminal.”

Based on these dictionary definitions a reward is not the same thing as a bounty. A reward can be as simple as a sincere, heartfelt thank you that is not expected but certainly accepted if offered. A bounty has an expectation of payment for services rendered.

This is…

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