1. If you think “not only Indigenous women go missing” and this concerns you: DEMAND YOUR OWN INQUIRY. Don’t you care about ‘your missing people’?

2. Statistics don’t lie.
FACT: Indigenous women are 3 to 4 times more likely to go missing or be murdered than non-Indigenous.

3. Most Canadians are NOT Statisticians
FACT: Most women know their attackers
NOT-A-FACT: This does not mean that most Indigenous women are attacked by Indigenous men. Making that assumption – that everyone’s list of acquaintances is as narrow and non-diverse as yours – is bigoted.

There is so much more we could say on this matter, but instead, we suggest you read this great article by Elyse Bruce

Elyse Bruce

Two days ago, End Race Based Law posted an OpEd to the ERBL Facebook page as well as on the ERBL blog where the writer shared her views on violence, specifically on violence against Aboriginal females.

ERBL Facebook Page (excerpt) Facebook Excerpted Screenshots

Rather than dissect the OpEd piece, let’s take a closer look at the facts from various studies, statistics, reports, and mainstream media news articles. While some of the sources contain anecdotal or personal stories (i.e. comments from interviewees that are included in mainstream media news articles), most of the information referenced is factual data interpreted by respected and reputable professionals.

Fact #1: The most common form of violence experienced by women is physical violence inflicted by an intimate partner.

This fact comes from the United Nations report found HERE.

According to Statistics Canada, this is the most recent information (based on information collected in 2011) with regards to same-sex and…

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