Perspective…things become clearer when you use facts

Elyse Bruce

Lately, there have been some who are bemoaning that the Department of Indian Affairs and Northern Development (now known as Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada) was spending $922 per registered Indian in 1950, and today, Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada (formerly known as the Department of Indian Affairs and Northern Development) is spending $9,056 per status First Nations person.

They point to the such documents as those published by the Fraser Institute to support their claim that Indigenous peoples are getting far more financial support from the government than they deserve.

Let’s compare 1950 with today so we can see if the claims of those who decry this spending have merit.

The information in this article comes from government files which means they are factual.  They are interpretations or anecdotal, romanticized memories from those who lived in 1950.  They are not “Richie Cunningham of Happy…

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