While we would expect nothing short of excellent work from this author, this article is a wonderful precis of MTs recent video and a summary of how flawed are the arguments advanced by ERBL. Thank you once again Ms. Bruce.

Elyse Bruce

Over the months that Idle No More has been around, there have been those who are strong advocates for the movement and there have been those who are strong opponents to the movement.  And in between, there are a number of people who have populated the spectrum between the two.

One of the most recognized names in the opponents corner is Michele Tittler, and her rants against Indigenous peoples is what some consider to be extreme.  But who is Michele Tittler?

She claims to have attended Humber College in the early 80s. She records herself dancing and uploads the videos to YouTube.   Mainstream media reports that she’s in her fifties and has a history of harassing people.  And CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) has referred to her as an aggressive and racially charged Internet troll.

CBC_20 January 2014_Michele Tittler

Michele Tittler’s most recent video is certainly one for the books, and at…

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