Auntie This is a collective blog written by several people in collaboration and with the support and input of a larger group of people who have been working, formally and informally, to combat racism and hate speech against First Nations people.  

The owners of this blog have been in contact with law enforcement about ERBL’s Hate Speech and have provided their full names and contact information to the authorities with their statements.   

There have been considerable attacks made by ERBL End Race Based Laws, against another activist blogger: Wanda Probe (aka BeWytchMe Radio),based on Michele Tittler’s (the owner of ERBL) misinformed beliefs that Wanda is the owner of the Auntie This blog.   Wanda Probe is NOT a contributor to this blog. 

Misinformation, and the willful propagation of it, forms the basis of much of ERBL’s activities.    Attempts to dialogue with ERBL about these issues are constantly and consistently blocked.     ERLB’s activities were recently included in an academic paper about racism .  The academic journal can be found at this link

“Other non-indigenous peoples from different class and political backgrounds, for example Mark Vandermass (2013) and Garry McHale (2013) on their respective webpages, tend to couch their racism in liberalism (Smith 2010), such as equality-as-sameness and rule of law discourses, while ignoring or revising history. Women are also involved in this sort of covert racism, but Michele Tittler (2013) is far more overt. Tittler ignores or selectively uses history while couching her diatribes in entitlement and accountability discourses. Non-indigenous conservative academics (Flanagan 2000; Smith 1996) and journalists (Blatchford 2010; Murphy 2013) couch their ethnocentric (at the very least) views on indigenous peoples in outmoded archaeology, doctrines of liberalism, accountability and private-property discourses to make their cases for assimilation and the backwardness and criminality of indigenous peoples.”