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Simple Trolling or Hate (or both)

The internet should come with a Content Warning; OR – I don’t know just thinking aloud here –  maybe people could learn to behave in a way that isn’t hateful .

Over the years we have seen so much material online that is patently untrue ranging from misinformed ignorance to willfully abusive hate speech.   It rarely matters what the intent is as – in matters of abuse – the impact is what is important.   The impact of racism and sexism (and all forms of bigotry) is well documented and what is posted online has effect in real life because, whether you like it or not folks, the internet is real life.   It is community.  It is people and it has lasting and permanent status in all our lives no matter how, when, or why we use it.

Omar Khayyam seemed to understand the importance of words and their permanence when he wrote The Rubaiyat in 1121, the most famous of its quatrains being:

The Moving Finger writes; and, having writ,
Moves on : nor all thy Piety nor Wit
Shall lure it back to cancel half a Line,
Nor all thy Tears wash out a Word of it.

Recently a CBC Indigenous article discussed how stories are spread so easily online lately and how the effects within community are immense.   The constant unending ‘trolling’ behaviour of some individuals can result in lies taking on lives of their own and being used to justify some opinions which are incredibly harmful.   In this instance a well known ‘troll’ (Tyler Kek Jeffries) used a story he claimed to know as fact, based on ‘his personal knowledge of the situation’.   He spread this lie along with a horribly insensitive view that a person who has been harmed by someone else might have done something to deserve the abuse.  In this case, the victim deserved to die because they were far from perfect.

This same individual has the habit of saying the most insensitive and repugnant things because…. well it is really hard to understand why anyone would spread lies and fuel hatred unless if you examine the concept of projection.  We see things through our own personal filters, thus the world reflects back to us, ultimately, what we acknowledge in ourselves.

When confronted with his behaviour this ‘troll’ typically responds with more abuse in an attempt to harangue people into silence but if pressured, or if he knows he won’t get away with his usual vulgarity, he repeatedly offers the excuse “it was a joke”.    This shows that he is clearly capable of modifying his behaviour to suit the situation.  This is not a person who lacks filters but someone who knowingly behaves badly when he chooses.

Here is a quick and easy summary for anyone having difficulty with the concept of humour:

  • Comments about admiring Hitler:   not jokes;
  • comments about sex workers/drug addicts deserving harm:  not jokes;
  • comments disparaging Muslims:  not jokes;
  • comments about dead or dying Native women: not jokes;
  • comments about rape:  also not jokes.

The Anti-Racism Collective (ARC) has also done a great job of detailing the behaviour of Mr. Jeffries in this blog article found here:  http://anti-racistcanada.blogspot.ca/2017/11/tyler-jefferies-alt-right-troll.html

Mr. Jeffries:  You need, instead of trying to deflect from criticism of your behaviour, to take a long critical look inward, examine personal issues, and stop being constantly abusive online.    It is not edgy;  you are not some sort of Free Speech Maverick;  you are not being progressive.    You are projecting a whole lot of hate towards women, Muslims, Indigenous, and anyone who doesn’t find your brand in any way appropriate.

See the CBC story here:
How a Facebook lie about Thunder Bay woman killed by trailer hitch spread

Question is… when it is continued and repeated behaviour, how much of it can be excused as simple trolling and how much is actually hate.  One way to deal with this type of problem is to not give trolls the platform or the megaphone to broadcast their harmful screeds.   The owner of the facebook page where much of the abuse was being spread was also interviewed in the article.  Pino Demassi is the owner and administrator of ‘The Real Concerned Citizens of Thunder Bay.

The page administrator doesn’t understand that anger is a valid response to hatred and has refused to moderate or ban anyone who was abusive IF anyone engaged with them.  It doesn’t matter whether it was the person who was the target of the abuse or some other community member who responded. He claims he can’t moderate all activity but he punishes people who cannot wait for him to chime in.

It would be one thing entirely if he moderated nothing. But he moderates selectively which means he is actively creating the tone in the space. He is responsible then for everything that remains. (See Whatcott SCC decision regarding hate speech of a “restrictive and exclusionary” kind.) He is not supporting free speech in what he does; he is limiting it to only that he supports personally.

Free speech is only guaranteed between an individual and the government so Facebook pages garner no such protection. You can moderate it as much as you wish. And so he should. He should refuse to allow his page be a platform.  Mr. Demassi:  I hope your recent desire to learn is sincere and productive but it may be too little – too late.

Free Speech

“Oh, I got one!”

S.R. Wesley

I am sad today for someone I haven’t met.

Someone I thought about a lot even though she is a stranger to me.

She was walking along the road with her sister, probably laughing and enjoying their time together, sharing those kinds of special inside jokes and conversations you only have with your sister, the kind you have your entire life with your siblings. I love those kinds of jokes and conversations because I have them with my own siblings, especially my sister. And I love my sister so much.

I thought about this woman, this person, and what she might have felt when she had been struck, how she must have felt a lot of pain physically, I am sure. But then I thought of the emotional pain, the psychological hurt, that comes with knowing you’ve been victimized and targeted.

“Oh, I got one,” was what the sisters heard…

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Canada’s Genocide Loophole


Few Canadians appear to be aware that Canada’s legal definition of genocide omits a number of the criteria outlined in the UN convention against genocide. Genocide isn’t only mass murder.

We already have a term for that: mass murder.

The use of the term genocide entails identifying the prevailing logic used to justify certain atrocities, but these are in no way limited only to mass murder. Forcibly taking children of a specific group is genocide.

People seem to conveniently forget that.

The definition of genocide as defined by Raphael Lemke; who invented the word:

[G]enocide means any of the following acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group, as such:
(a) Killing members of the group;
(b) Causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group;
(c) Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated…

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Nice Folks 2.0

Nice Folks 2.0
Last week we had a conversation about one of those “Nice Folks” problems: the kind you have when Nice Folks say the things that run around in their head out loud – and are surprised when people get mad.  Surprised and confused; cause they’ve been talking like that for years, and nobody said much about it.  If you need an update, you can find it here

Long story short: Margo pulled herself off-line; was in tears for days; worried about her kids – a lot; and went to the police.  Or not.

Because she stayed online the whole time – under one of her “alt” profiles, and just kept playing for attention; was laughing about it the day it happened – and ultimately had this to say:

Margos Wish

Because, ultimately, it was all about getting the attention.

What Margo was doing was using hate-speech to get attention; and that’s a big part of what WTF – Kamloops does for entertainment.  “Nate ofs” are a favourite target – because there’s so many of them around Kamloops – because it is on Indigenous land.  It’s a particularly popular target for Kamloops wits like “Xes Lana” who should be name “Toidi Lana”, and comes from Abbotsford – and Glen Schnyder, who lives in Saskatchewan.  They think it’s funny to share their hateful thoughts; and they’ve found a Safe Space to do that.

When we first wrote about what was going on at WTF – Kamloops we got the predictable response: they went ballistic.  Some of their brightest lights demonstrated their non-racist status by finding a random person on our blog to harass and threaten – who just happened to – well, you know the kind of people they like to target.

We waited a while, then messaged a few people on their admin list: the person who started the page and two others.  But we didn’t hear back from them: we heard from Al Baer and “Kyle Alexander”, who goes by the name Allison Dirkson in the real world.  Al wished us well, and “Kyle” reported us so we got locked out of Facebook for the day.  And that’s how you find out who is really in charge.

So there’s Al Baer, fronting for the organization.  It didn’t take long to figure out what he was about:
Al Baer ERBL

He’s a simple man: pretty much lives on an intellectual diet of Nature Quotes – a few feeds! – and Hate Speech.  Because ERBL is a nationally known hate group – as detailed by the CBC and – surprisingly – us.  So Al’s the pig in the poke; which tells us a great deal about what’s happening here.

You see:  ERBL’s trick is to use their people to take over social media sites for their hateful purposes – and their hateful purpose has been – for years – to degrade and dehumanize Indigenous people in any way they can; using the general background noise of Canada’s strongest racist stereotypes to collect their own little band of Social Injustice Warriors.

Does any of this sound familiar to you?

A few years ago, they tried  doing that in Thunder Bay, with a not-so-bright politician named Tamara Ward Johnson.  However, we were watching them; so when one of our contacts let us know they were joining social media groups in Thunder Bay, we documented what they were doing in articles like this. The result – for them – was a disaster.  A few of the Snowflakes involved are still haunting the interwebs looking for someone who will listen to their story, and another Safe Space. Tamara Ward Johnson – safe to say – is no longer in politics.

And then there’s Dayleen Van Ryswyck. My guess is there’s something in the water in Kelowna.

Why are we talking about this?  Because these same folks who took over WTF – Kamloops – despite most of them not living in Kamloops – have also taken over WTF – Kelowna as well as Ranting & Raving in the Interior.  As a matter of fact, when we dropped our first story, they were pursuing a campaign of harassment and impersonation against the founding administrator of R&R; looking to take over her page by posting hateful comments while spoofing her profile on various sites in Western Canada. Either they have a lot of time on their hands – or they’ve got a plan.

When people start using racial denigration and dehumanization to build their little group’s solidarity and influence, they are walking well-trodden ground – and they usually have a plan.

And now, a little history – with an Easter Egg in it: you get to meet Colonel Klink’s cousin. It’s not much, granted, but I’ll bet you never knew that Colonel Klink was Jewish…

You see, we’re just coming up on an interesting centennial.  The year 2018 will be the hundredth year since the government of Turkey contacted the New York Life Insurance Company to tell them that they wanted to cash in the policies for all the Turkish Armenians who had bought insurance with the company; apparently a lot.  And the Turkish government knew for sure that the people who were listed as heirs to those folks wouldn’t be collecting on the policies – ever.  This is the same Turkish government which says – to this day – that there was no genocide against the Armenians.

The dead Armenians – with no heirs.

Long story short, the Turkish government were among the losers in the First World War; the Allies tried to prosecute the people who killed all those Armenians; and found that there were no laws – at all – against killing millions of people.  And because people never “let it go”, the Armenian survivors got that money – just 3 years ago. And a few Armenians made sure that the Generals who organized the massacre didn’t live very long. The fact that those Armenians had to take the law into their own hands puzzled a guy named Raphael Lemkin, who actually came up with the word “genocide”to describe what had happened – and made sure that there was a law against genocide by the end of Second World War; which came in handy, as it turned out.  But that’s another story.

Roll the story forward a couple years, and you get to Victor Klemperer, author of “The Language of the Third Reich.” As a brilliant Jewish linguist, he wasn’t able to work in Hitler’s Germany, and the Nazis couldn’t kill him, because he was married to an Aryan woman; so he pretty much had to do what linguists do without thinking about it: listen carefully to people and how they use their words.  He was in a pretty unenviable position as a Jewish man, because everyone around him was throwing some pretty loaded words at him – you can imagine!  But as a linguist?  Things were pretty good for a linguist.

Victor Klemperer got a front row seat – literally – to a massive change in the German language, as the Hitler regime introduced new words and concepts to dehumanize and slander Jews – in preparation for murdering them: the Language of the Third Reich.  Words matter, and Klemper wrote down all of the ones that were directed at him, establishing the way that language helps people to think of the worst kinds of things as normal.  “Parasite” is what they call your neighbour when they draw a target on him;”Transport” is when your neighbour gets taken away; “Aryanization” is when you get to take their house and furniture.  Of course, if you talked to Nice Folks later, they always thought their neighbours would be coming back from whatever vacation the SS had taken them on. Definitely, they definitely though they were coming back.

Sixty years later, Rwanda: millions killed; but this time there were people actually taping the radio calls to “exterminate the cockroaches”, “fill up the mine shafts”, and “use the traditional tools of our liberation” – machetes, by another name.  All these things fit under “Normalization”: making horrible thoughts into regular discourse; making viciously racist attitude into “humour”.  But those outsiders just kept on rolling the tape – detailing the hatespeech; logging the way that the broadcasted hate speech directly caused people to respond by actually factually robbing, raping, and killing people. Consequently, at the other side of the genocide, the Rwandans came up with another word: “genocidaire”.
That’s what the Rwandan government called the radio announcers who used language to dehumanize and denigrate people – so they could be robbed, raped, and murdered.  When Rwanda put the announcers on trial for genocide – just like the generals.

Because it’s been established for a long time that language DOES matter – and little nests of haters can do a lot of damage; especially when they are trying to take over multiple sites on social media.  It’s called “genocidal ideation”: creating language that allows people to think that some other people are less than human, “parasites”, “expendable”.  And it’s always used as a preparation for some major act of fuckery.  Always.

So let’s have a look at some of these folks: these upstanding citizens who feel they can dehumanize others:

Apparently this one has trouble learning from her experiences – at least when it comes to empathy.  Does anyone know what they call someone who has an problem with that empathy thing?

Margo Court Record

Strangely, the charge above is the same charge that the founder and leader of ERBL was wearing when the CBC thought she was an “internet activist”; before we set them straight. After we chatted with them, her contribution was described as “racially charged internet trolling.” Cause we’re all about educating folks – especially Nice Folks: the kind that enjoy bullying people; who think it’s funny to dehumanize people who have never done anything to them – just because, ya know, some folks are born to be their targets.

In our next screenshot, be sure to watch for that empathy thing in the comments.  It’s regarding the take-over of the R&R page:

Here’s people at the end of a game they’ve been playing: speaking entirely without empathy about the person who has just gone through a campaign of harassment and impersonation; a person who has simply quit because the personal cost of that harassment and impersonation was too high for her.
And to what end?  “We’ve had a successful coup!”

The fact that they were once again targeting a woman of Indigenous origins?
A complete coincidence!  And those transported neighbours are definitely going to be coming back for their houses and furniture!

What they don’t know is that – when they reached out and started harassing random people because they were mentioned in our blog – there were literally hundreds of other people looking on – as the bright-lights once again targeted – well, you know…

And there are a ton of other folks in their area who are tired of their games and have started passing on screenshots and information through multiple channels.  As we did with ERBL, as we did with Tamara Ward Johnson; we’ll be reporting what we find until we don’t have to. We’ve got a lot of people working with us – and we’re recruiting more every time the haters think they’ve got a good plan.  Because they just can’t help being venal and stupid. It’s that empathy problem: they just can’t see what they look like from the outside.

Some are managers at car dealers which depend – a lot – on Indigenous business.
Some are running for the board of their local credit union.
Some  work for local health authorities.
“Nice Folks”
And all of them know better.

If these folks are so set on taking over social media sites so they can influence people; if they really think it’s okay to dehumanize and slander people because of the ethnicity they’ve been randomly assigned by the Indian Act; if they really think that preventing others from standing up to such hate is okay; then clearly they have their own special picture of what their society should look like: I mean, aside from the Ultimate team that looks like the Austrian Ultimate Olympics team for 1938.  We’ll be looking at some of the leading lights of WTF – Kamloops next.  There WILL be more court records.

Like they say in Louisiana, “Y’all lay down with trash; ain’t gonna get up clean.”

And before y’all saddle up to harass yet another “Nate of”, ya need to look at my DNA test here – just to see how far you geniuses are from the truth:

Nice Folks


Nice Folks

Nice Folks are a problem: usually because their greatest aspiration is to be nice.
To be “nice”, they are specialists in “going along to get along” – or is that “getting along to go along”?  They’ll literally join any crowd; march in any parade; accept anything that’s going on around them to – well, to simply make sure they don’t stand out.  They just run their lives based on something called “Common Sense”; which they think means the same thing as “Reality”, and practice like a religion.  The fact that their common sense is simply a mix of myths and legends that they learned in school – or the movies – or on TV – doesn’t seem to intrude on them.  Common sense is easier that Google, and serves them to get through their lives; walking with the herd; not getting into any kind of trouble.

The picture above is an old one: a long-ago event in Indiana; a crowd of nice folks out on a hot evening in August – milling about, chatting and watching each other; spending the evening doing what nice folks do everywhere.  None of them are likely aware of the strange name of the State they live in – Indiana; or the fact that it was given the name “Indiana” because it was supposed to be the guaranteed-by-treaty-forever territory for Indigenous people who were pushed out of the states to the south and east of them.  Same goes for the state capital – Indianapolis; literally “City of the Indians”.  Nothing to do with these folks, or what they’re doing: just “Nice Folks” on an August night…

The same thing goes for Kamloops: surrounded by territory that is owned by the original Indigenous nations. It’s named by those nations – Tk’emlúps, “meeting of the rivers”; and a good percentage of its inhabitants have status as “Indian” according to the Indian Act, or have ancestors who were classified as “Indian”, or have friends and family who have Indigenous backgrounds.  The city has a strong Indigenous identity, so it’s therefore surprising when someone decides to post something like this on Facebook:

Margo Lynne

Here’s someone doing the usual thing that people do on “WTF – Kamloops”: posting something inflammatory to create an entertaining flame war; because they have nothing better to do.  The fact that it is a series of hateful and harmful statements doesn’t concern her: it’s just for a laugh and to see who will bite.  Because people will always bite – and the fans of WTF will always be entertained by trolling them.  It’s what passes for entertainment these days.

When the flame war happens; and OP finally – inevitably – gets threatened by someone who has in fact become inflamed by the inflammatory post, the poster paints herself as a victim after making a desultory pretense of an apology; but not before making it clear she’s got what she wanted: attention.


“Threats on my kids lives”

Imagine that happening to you!  Pretty bad.

She eventually takes down the offending post: the post that was meant to offend; the post full of hateful statements that she know would get people upset.  I hope she reported the threat to the police.

Then this:


It was a gooder“.  Does that sound like someone who – reportedly – has been in tears; frightened for her children’s lives?

Or does it sound a little like someone who is satisfied that she got exactly what she was looking for?  Because repeating hateful myths about people is something that passes for entertainment in Kamloops.

Or Kelowna – because, as it turns out, the OP actually lives in Kelowna; as people found out when they – quite easily – searched her information down on Google.

She’s one of those “Nice Folks”; lives with her family in Kelowna; participates with the PAC at her local school; “living the dream”.

However, that wasn’t always the case. Our OP has suffered, as she lets people know in her one-time blog:
ML4 Poor kid: she discovers that looking different – in any way – can make you a target; but doesn’t consider why the kids around her might be malnourished. Part of the picture becomes clear in her following statement:

So her answer to bullying was to become the bully.  And she was such a good bully, that she built her own clique: “Nice Folks” do that – for self-protection: an easy thing to do when you’re a kid and being bullied; something most folks grow out of.

We’ll spare you the rest of the blog – except to say on thing. If you’re planning on broadcasting hate speech to an audience of almost 11,000 people; whatever you do, don’t publish the names and ages of your kids.

It’s probably not a good idea at the best of times, because – the 21st century.

So now we have a motivation for ML’s post: simple old-fashioned bullying; posting hateful statements about a particular ethnicity so you can watch them squirm – and maybe let your friends join in the bashing.  Which is what happens here:

WTF - response to criticism

You’ll note that the person who comments in this thread has their name in a different font, indicating that they have been blocked from the group as a consequence of criticizing the poster’s behaviour.

And that the administrators have all jumped in to abuse the person who criticized the OP – even as they block him from commenting.

Consistent for WTF – Kamloops, where the moderators allow one another to say any old hateful thing – because “Free Speech”; but don’t allow anyone to criticize what they’re saying – the hateful myths and legends that they’re propagating – because “Free Speech for us, but nobody else”.  That’s what makes WTF an “echo chamber”;  a white supremacist echo chamber; a hate-speech site.

In fact, the administrators on this site are taking on this role:

Nice Folks wide

He’s the guy in charge: the one who decides how everything is understood; who will be punished; who will be encouraged.  The fact that a whole ethnicity is being abused; that the libels and smears are false; that the anger of those abused people is completely understandable doesn’t concern these folks – because they are in charge; and doing exactly what they want to do.  They have each others’ backs: #IStandWith…

These are the administrators of WTF – Kamloops: none of them are still in high school; none of them – apparently – have any kind of cognitive problem that would make them incapable of understanding what they’re doing; but all of them regularly use their slight Facebook powers to defame and bully people – including very large groups of people who have traditionally been the targets for white supremacists.WTF Admins mastheadWe’ve reached out to some of them to get their side of the story, but have been blocked – then reported so the profile is locked out.

So I guess that means that they have nothing to say on the subject.  However, they have reached out to some of the folks who sometimes share their articles with us – to make not-so-veiled threats against them.

Strange that they can’t just up and speak for themselves; unless – of course – they have control of who gets to speak; and who has to be silent.

Next week, we’ll be looking at some of these administrators: what their jobs and community roles are; why their activities might not be the best thing for the community they live in.

We’ll also be posting information about some of their most active current members; because it’s always useful to see what kind of person meets their high standards for membership. We know a lot of people in both communities and have contacts which might provide some interesting information: the School District, the Health Authority, the Courts – that sort of thing.

Surprisingly, a lot of them – and their followers – don’t live in Kamloops.  But we’ll leave that to our next story: a little history, and some little facts about who these nice folks are.

Next up: Nice Folks 2.0

Marion, Indiana: August 7, 1905
“Nice Folks”
Nice Folks final.


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This week I’m sharing part of a speech I gave in tribute to ultra-marathon runner, Brad Firth AKA Caribou Legs, who crossed Canada over 7 months to raise awareness about missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls (#MMIW, #MMIWG). Brad’s work was an epic adventure that also happened to occur not long before the long-awaited official inquiry […]

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Own Your Past Canada – A Simple Guide How To

A reminder on the eve of Canada Day; a simple guide to owning the past. #StopOnlineHate

Blog Woman!!! - Life Uncategorized

There were a lot of opinions flying after the recent release of the TRC summary of the Truth and Reconciliation report, but sadly, it was hard to discern which one was the majority – acknowledgement or denial.

The Past Shows Us the Way ————————–The Past Shows Us the Way————————— aaronpaquette.net

This report was several years in the making and outlines the history and consequences of the genocide effort Canada inflicted upon its Indigenous peoples from 1876 until presently.

The opinions that followed seemed to hold mostly two views – one that included a good deal of understanding, and support for the recommendations for Canada to acknowledge and manage the issues related to the Indigenous communities.

The other was this example, written by a Sudbury, Ont resident. I felt it encapsulated some very common views about Canada’s Indigenous history. He began his piece by asserting that, yes, Canada did bad things:

“However, the inflammatory statements made are just a little…

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